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Young ERCOFTAC Montestigliano Spring School for Graduate Students 2020

Time: Sun 2020-10-25 - Sat 2020-10-31

Location: Montestigliano, Tuscany, Italy

The Ercoftac Montestigliano workshop in Tuscany, Italy between 5-11 April 2020. The topic this year is ”CMFD: Computational Multiphase Fluid Dynamics" and the guest speakers are Prof. Stéphane Zaleski (Sorbonne Université in the Jean Le Rond d'Alembert Institute) from Ruben Scardovelli (University of Bologna). As previous years, the workshop is meant to be a learning opportunity for doctoral and postdoctoral students, where they get to work interactively in groups on open research problems and in close contact with the organizers and the invited speaker.


Volume of Fluid (VOF) method S. Zaleski & R. Scardovelli : Volumetric tracking, piecewise linear interface reconstruction. Advanced VOF methods: unsplit, exactly-mass-conserving VOF methods, oct-tree adaptive mesh refinement, height-function methods. High-density ratio and momentum-conserving methods.

Applications of VOF, Phase Field and Lattice Boltzmann S. Zaleski : The Gerris, ParisSimulator and Basilisk free codes. Flows with large interface deformation and disruption. Ligament formation, atomization and entrainment. Droplet splashing. Multiphase flow in porous media. Introduction to Multiphase Lattice Boltzmann. Introduction to the Phase-Field / Cahn-Hilliard model. Phase-Field / Cahn-Hilliard model with contact angles.

Participants will have a hands-on experience of selected topics among the above using the basilisk code.

The workshop will take place at the picturesque estate of Montestigliano in the heart of Tuscany. The village of Montestigliano is composed of 18th century buildings, typically of Tuscan architecture. Located 15 km south-west of Siena, it provides a stunning landscape and a stimulating environment for both intensive work and relaxation. The 18th century houses and farm buildings have been carefully restored to retain their original features common to Tuscan architecture.
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How to apply:

Applications of prospective participants should contain:

1. A Curriculum Vitae (CV) or resume of the applicant (max one page)
2. A short letter of purpose from the student (max one page), highlighting in particular the relevance of the workshop to his/her research topic.
3. A short letter of recommendation from the supervisor of the applicant (max one page).

The applications can be submitted to any of the organizers. Selected candidates will subsequently be notified and will receive a fellowship that covers accommodation. Travel costs to and from the workshop venue have to carried by the home institute. Registration fee is 150€.

We would be grateful if you could disseminate this information to colleagues that could be interested in this event. Please note that applications are due by 4th March 2020.

For more information of the workshop as well as the invited speakers, please visit:


Taraneh Sayadi, Sorbonne, Paris
Peter Schmid, Imperial College, London
Shervin Bagheri, KTH, Stockholm