Interface Tutorial #4: Numerical methods for multiphase flows

Time: Wed 2019-04-24 10.15 - 12.00

Lecturer: Stephané Zaleski (Sorbonne University)

Location: Faxén, FPL, Teknikringen 8


Volume of Fluid (VOF) method : Volumetric tracking, piecewise linear interface reconstruction. Advanced VOF methods: exactly-conserving VOF methods, oct-tree adaptive mesh refinement (Gerris and Basilisk code) , height-function methods. High-density ratio and momentum-conserving methods. Dual-grid methods. Machine learning for Curvature computation. Parallelisation.

Applications of VOF: The Gerris, ParisSimulator and Basilisk free codes. Flows with large interface deformation and disruption. Ligament formation, atomization and entrainment. Droplet splashing. Multiphase flow in porous media. Phase change. Moving Contact line.