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Seminars history

Seminar record 2019

Dario Maggiolo (Chalmers ), 2019-10-24
The role of porous microstructure in determining two-phase flow behaviours at low capillary numbers

Stefan Radl (TU Graz ), 2019-09-19
Clustering in Gas-Solid and Liquid-Fibre Suspension: Friend or Foe?

Nicolas Offermans (KTH, Mekanik ), 2019-06-12
Aspects of adaptive mesh refinement in the spectral element method

Elektra Kleusberg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2019-06-04
Wind-turbine wakes - Effects of yaw, shear and turbine interaction

Murtazo Nazarov (Uppsala University ), 2019-05-29
Towards Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of fluid flow using nonlinear stabilization techniques

Marcus Winroth (KTH Mechanics ), 2019-05-24
Dynamics of Exhaust Valve Flows and Bluff Body Vortex Shedding

Anne-Marie Schreyer (RWTH Aachen ), 2019-05-23
Shock wave/turbulent boundary layer interactions and control of shock-induced separation

Yongyun Hwang (Imperial College ), 2019-04-25
The logarithms in wall turbulence

Marco Atzori (KTH, Mekanik ), 2019-04-11
Coherent structures in turbulent duct flow and control strategies of turbulence on wings

Angela Busse (University of Glasgow ), 2019-04-04
Influence of roughness height distribution and surface anisotropy on turbulence over rough walls

Yasuyuki Takata (Kyushu University ), 2019-03-27
Role of hydrophobicity and dissolved air on onset of nucleate boiling

Chinedum Osuji (University of Pennsylvania ), 2019-03-14
Creating Useful Nanostructured Soft Materials by Directed Self-Assembly

Petia Vlahovska (Nortwestern Univeristy ), 2019-03-14
Electrohydrodynamic instabilities of viscous drops in strong electric fields

Jens Fransson (KTH, Mechanics ), 2019-02-07
Free-stream turbulence boundary-layer transition

Lukas Schickhofer (KTH, Mekanik ), 2019-01-31
Modelling Sound Production and Propagation in realistic vocal tract geometries

Manfred Kaltenbacher (TU Wien, Austria ), 2019-01-30
Aeroacoustic formulation based on compressible flow data

R Jason Hearst (Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) ), 2019-01-29
Advancing our understanding of turbulent flows by tailoring the incoming conditions

Gianluca Iaccarino (Stanford University ), 2019-01-24
Ensemble Computations - Present and Future of Engineering Computing

Duncan Lockerby (Warwick University ), 2019-01-24
Interface Tutorial #2: Multiscale Hybrid Simulation of Micro and Nano Flows

Seminar record 2018

Ricardo Martinez-Botas (Imperial College ), 2018-12-07
What drives CO2 in vehicle technology, landscape towards 2050

Shyang Maw Lim (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-12-07
Aerothermodynamics and exergy analysis in turbocharger radial turbine

Alessandro Veneziani (Emory University, USA ), 2018-11-30
Computer Aided Clinical Trials: Challenges of Translational Mathematics in Cardiovascular Diseases

Niclas Berg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-11-30
Blood flow and cell transport in arteries and medical assist devices

Wu Yu-Ting (National Cheng Kung University ), 2018-11-29
Surface roughness effects on the wake characteristics of wind turbines

Colin Copeland (University of Bath ), 2018-11-23
Managing and Exploiting Thermal Energy in Heat Engines using Metal Additive Manufacturing.

Ghulam Majal (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-10-30
On the Agglomeration of Particles in Exhaust Gases

Patricia Sujar-Garrido (Ecole Centrale de Lyon, France ), 2018-10-19
Modifications on a flow separated from a sharp edge by the use of fluidic or plasma actuators

Davide Gatti (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany ), 2018-10-18
Alternative ways of looking at scale interactions in wall turbulence

Jakob Redlinger-Pohn (KTH Mechanics ), 2018-10-11
Utilization of Hydrodynamic Forces in the Size-Based Fractionation of Spherical and Elongated Particles

Soledad Le Clainche (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid ), 2018-09-13
Spatio-temporal coherent structures in complex flows using DMD-based methods

Mitul Luhar (University of Southern California ), 2018-09-06
Model-based Design of Active and Passive Flow Control for Wall Turbulence

Esteban Ferrer (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid ), 2018-08-30
Discontinuous Galerkin methods and stability analysis

Jacques Boree (ENSMA, Université de Poitiers ), 2018-08-24
Bluff Bodies as a Potential Open Challenge Problem for Active Flow Control

Jacques Boree (ENSMA, Université de Poitiers ), 2018-08-23
Analysis of spatial and spatio-temporal coherence of engine flows

Matthew Fu (Princeton University ), 2018-08-21
Understanding turbulent flow over liquid-infused surfaces

Ephraim Gutmark (University of Cincinnati ), 2018-06-19
Harnessing unsteady forces to achieve powerful propulsion

Jacopo Canton (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-06-15
Of Pipes and Bends

Devranjan Samanta (Indian Institute of Technology Ropar ), 2018-06-14
Transition to turbulence in pipe flow of Non-Newtonian solutions

Clio Saglietti (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-06-08
On optimization of natural convection flows

S Sembian (KTH Mechanics ), 2018-06-07
Strong blast wave interaction with multiphase media

Shyang Maw Lim (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-05-31
On the impact of the non-isothermal and pulsating flow on a turbocharger turbine performance

Saleh Rezaeiravesh (Uppsala University ), 2018-05-29
Assessment of uncertainties in hot-wire anemometry and oil-film interferometry measurements for wall-bounded turbulent flows

Lars-Uve Schrader (HSVA ), 2018-05-24
Dolphin-Inspired Drag Reduction for Marine Vehicles

S Sembian (KTH Mechanics ), 2018-05-17
Blast wave interaction with straight and inclined elliptic inhomogeneities

Simone Camarri (Universita di Pisa ), 2018-05-15
Stability methods applied to experimental data for analysis, modelling and control of flows

Timofey Mukha (Uppsala University ), 2018-05-03
Wall-modelled large eddy simulation using a general-purpose CFD code

Cristian Marchioli (University of Udine ), 2018-04-26
Inertial, Elongated and Motile Particles in Turbulence

Artur Drozdz (Czestochowa University of Technology ), 2018-04-23
On the impact of adverse pressure gradient on the structure of turbulent boundary layer

Jacopo Canton (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-04-19
Large- vs Small-scale friction control in turbulent channel flow

Metin Muradoglu (Koc University ), 2018-04-12
Particle-resolved simulations of complex multi-phase flows involving multi-physics effects

Nitesh Mittal (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-04-05
Assembly of nano-sized building blocks into high performance macroscopic materials

Thomas Salez (CNRS, Laboratoire Ondes et Matière d’Aquitaine (LOMA) ), 2018-03-22
Soft and wet is different

Zeinab Moradi Nour (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-03-09
Numerical study of dynamics of mass-emitting particles in multi-phase flow

Ann Hyvärinen (KTH, Mekanik ), 2018-02-23
Wind turbines over a hilly terrain: performance and wake evolution

Leonardo Chamorro (University of Illinois ), 2018-02-22
On the structure of the power output fluctuations of wind turbines and wind farms; a tuning-free model

Erland Källén (MISU ), 2018-02-15
Aeolus – satellite for Doppler wind Lidar measurements

Jens Fransson (KTH, Mechanics ), 2018-02-07
Free-stream turbulence boundary-layer transition

Simon Pasche (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) ), 2018-01-25
Optimal Control of Self-Sustained Instabilities in Laminar and Turbulent Swirling Flows: Application to Hydropower

Seminar record 2017

Giandomenico Lupo (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-12-18
Detailed simulations of droplet evaporation

Erik Boström (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-12-15
Boundary Conditions for Spectral Simulations of Atmospheric Boundary Layers

Walter Fornari (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-12-15
Suspensions of finite-size rigid particles in laminar and turbulent flows

Nitesh Mittal (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-12-14
Flow-assisted assembly of nanostructured materials

Mattias Brynjell-Rahkola (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-12-14
Studies on instability and optimal forcing of incompressible flows

Prabal Singh Negi (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-12-13
Boundary layers over wing sections

Elias Sundström (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-12-13
Flow instabilities in centrifugal compressors at low mass flow rates

Guillaume Dufour (ISAE-SUPAERO, Toulouse, France ), 2017-12-12
Free and load-controlled windmilling operation of compressors

Nicolas Offermans (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-12-11
Towards Adaptive Mesh Refinement in Nek5000

Sébastien Tanguy (University of Toulouse ), 2017-12-07
On the Direct Numerical Simulation of liquid-vapor phase change, applications to Leidenfrost Droplets and Nucleate Boiling

Marco Ferro (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-11-24
Experimental study on turbulent boundary-layer flows with wall transpiration

Joseph Klewicki (Univ. New Hampshire and Univ. Melbourne ), 2017-11-23
Mean equation based scaling analysis of fully developed turbulent channel flow with uniform heat generation

Bharathram Ganapathisubramani (Univ. Southampton ), 2017-11-23
Turbulent boundary layer over heterogeneous rough surfaces

( ), 2017-11-17
Suspensions of finite-size rigid particles in laminar and turbulent flows

Anna Guseva (University of Bremen ), 2017-11-16
Magnetorotational turbulence in quasi-Keplerian shear flows

Timm Kruger (University of Edinburgh ), 2017-11-09
Lattice-Boltzmann simulations for microfluidics in healthcare

Robert Braunbehrens ( ), 2017-11-06
A description of wake meandering in a new wake model

Yu Wenyuan (KTh-Mechanics ), 2017-09-18
Development of Fully Vectorized Potential Flow Solver for Aeronautical Applications

Tímea Kékesi (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-09-15
Scenarios of drop deformation and breakup in sprays

Sophie Calabretto (Department of Mathematics, Macquarie University, Australia ), 2017-09-11
The flow external to a rotating torus (or a sphere)

Sophie Calabretto (Department of Mathematics, Macquarie University, Australia ), 2017-09-11
The seminar by Dr Calabretto is CANCELLED

Zhenhua Xia (Zhejiang University, Hangzhou ), 2017-09-07
Constrained large-eddy simulation and its application

Lailai Zhu ( ), 2017-09-05
Emerging instabilities and bifurcations from deformable fluid interfaces in the inertialess regime

Mahendra Verma (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur ), 2017-08-28
Decoding Physics of Convective Turbulence

Alessandro Ceci (KTH ), 2017-08-25
On Transonic Flow Features in a Nozzle Guide Vane Passage

Alessandro Ceci (KTH ), 2017-06-21
Transonic Flow Features in a Nozzle Guide Vane Passage - towards entropy noise assessment

Bettina Frohnapfel (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) ), 2017-06-15
Flows over rough walls

Yang Zhou (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-06-14
Numerical instability investigations for thin membranes

Jimmy Röjsel (KTH ), 2017-06-08
Koopman mode analysis of the side-by-side cylinder wake

Jörg Seume (Universität Hannover ), 2017-06-01
Single stage, partial admission supersonic ORC turbine for waste heat recovery in truck engines

Mauro Chinappi (Università di Roma Tor Vergata ), 2017-06-01
Nanopore based sensing: a single molecule technique to characterize biological macromolecules

Alessio Alexiadis (School of Chemical Engineering, Univ. Birmingham ), 2017-05-11
The atomistic-continuum hybrid Taxonomy and the hybrid-hybrid approach

Lukas Schickhofer (KTH ), 2017-04-28
Sound Generation and Propagation in the Human Upper Airways

Matts Karlsson (Linköping University ), 2017-04-28
Biofluid Dynamics - MRI and CFD in Harmony

Peter Schaffarczyk (University of Applied Sciences Kiel / Mech Eng Dept ), 2017-04-27
On the aerodynamic Design of Wind Turbine Blades

Johan Sundin & Miguel Beneitez (KTH ), 2017-04-07
Turbulent flow control via nature inspired surface modifications

Marcus Winroth (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-03-24
On gas dynamics of exhaust valves

Knud Erik Meyer (Dept. Mechanical Engineering, DTU, Denmark ), 2017-03-23
Flow challenges in SCR systems for large ships

Julie Vernet (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-03-17
Plasma actuators for separation control on bluff bodies

Kwing-So Choi (University of Nottingham ), 2017-03-16
Recent developments in plasma aerodynamics

Yuta Ikeya (Keio University ), 2017-03-08
Revisiting Hot-Wire Anemometry Close to Solid Walls

Ellinor Appelquist (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-02-24
The rotating-disk boundary-layer flow studied through numerical simulations

Benoît Pier (École centrale de Lyon ), 2017-02-23
Linear and nonlinear dynamics in eccentric Taylor-Couette-Poiseuille flow

Ramin Imani Jajarmi (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-01-26
Acoustic separation of submicron particles suspended in air

Shyang Maw Lim (KTH, Mekanik ), 2017-01-19
Flow and heat transfer in a turbocharger radial turbine

Seminar record 2016

Ramin Imani Jajarmi (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-12-16
Acoustic separation and electrostatic sampling of submicron particles suspended in air

Nima Shahriari (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-12-09
On stability and receptivity of boundary-layer flows

Ugis Lacis (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-12-02
Models of porous, elastic and rigid materials in moving fluids

Jean Rabault (Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo ), 2016-11-25
Waves in ice

Evangelos Giannopoulos ( ), 2016-11-23
Studying the aerodynamic performance of a wind turbine rotor by means of OpenFOAM

Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi (KTH ), 2016-11-22
A partially parabolic model of wind-turbine flows

Asuka-Gabriele Pietroniro (KTH ), 2016-10-31
Modeling coaxial jets relevant to turbofan jet engines

Tomas Rosén (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-10-28
Angular dynamics of non-spherical particles in linear flows related to production of biobased materials

Jacopo Canton (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-10-28
Numerical studies on flows with secondary motion

Jonathan Bull (Uppsala University ), 2016-10-27
Towards high-fidelity turbulent flow simulations for industrial applications

Mikael Swarén (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-10-20
Objective Analysis Methods in the Mechanics of Sports

Bernhard Semlitsch (University of Cambridge ), 2016-10-10
Handling of Non-Linearities in Acoustic Network Models

Eric Climent (IMFT, Toulouse ), 2016-09-23
The dynamics of finite size particles in flows

Matthias Kollert ( ), 2016-09-07
Direct Numerical Simulation of an Experimental Attempt to Delay Transition Over a Swept Wing by Plasma Actuators

Sathyanarayanan Chandramouli (KTH ), 2016-09-05
On Simulating Compressible Flows using a Density based Solver

Lorenz Hufnagel ( ), 2016-08-29
On the swirl-switching in developing bent pipe flow with direct numerical simulation

Erik Dijkstra (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-06-15
Constrained Optimization for Prediction of Posture

Amit Patil (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-06-14
Inflation and Instabilities of Hyperelastic Membranes

Rutvika Acharya (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB ), 2016-06-13
Investigation of Differences in ANSYS solvers CFX and Fluent

Nicolò Fabbiane (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-06-13
Transition delay in boundary-layer flows via reactive control

Romain Gojon (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-06-09
Aeroacoustic simulations of supersonic rectangular jets

Masato Nagata (Kyoto University/Tianjin University ), 2016-05-31
Bifurcations in rotating plane Couette flow: detection of a new solution branch

Taras Khapko (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-05-19
Edge states and transition to turbulence in boundary layers

Nasseradeen Ashwear (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-05-17
Vibration-based Assessment of Tensegrity Structures

Helen Morrison (University of Rostock ), 2016-05-12
The Lattice Boltzmann Method in modern Fluid Dynamics

Alexandra Bobke (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-05-12
Simulations of turbulent boundary layers with suction and pressure gradients

Elias Sundström (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-04-28
Centrifugal compressor flow instabilities at low mass flow rate

Håkan Nilsson (Chalmers Univ. Tech. ), 2016-04-28
Numerical and experimental flow research in my group

Håkan Nilsson (Chalmers Univ. Tech. ), 2016-04-28
Numerical and experimental flow research at Division of Fluid Mechanics, Chalmers UT

Atle Jensen (Dept. Mathematics, Universitet i Oslo ), 2016-04-25
Fluid mechanics at UiO

Yuli Wang (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-04-22
Capillarity and wetting of non-Newtonian droplets

Takuya Kawata (KTH Mechanics ), 2016-04-14
Turbulent rotating plane Couette flow

Renzo Trip (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-04-08
Shedding light on the bluff body wake instability

Charles Williamson (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY ), 2016-04-07
Dynamics of Sailing through Bodyweight Motion

Shu Takagi (University of Tokyo ), 2016-04-07
Surfactant Effect on Bubbly Flows and A Novel Full Eulerian FSI Method for Blood Flows

Daniel Albernaz (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-04-07
Phase change, surface tension and turbulence in real fluids

Walter Villanueva (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-03-22
Thermal Stratification and Mixing in a Large Water Pool induced by Steam Injection

Tomas Rosén (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-03-17
The hundred year mystery of the spheroid in shear flow

Ugis Lacis (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-03-10
Robust velocity boundary condition for free fluid at interface with porous medium

Sohrab S. Sattarzadeh (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-02-26
Boundary layer streaks as a novel laminar flow control method

Edward White (Texas A&M University ), 2016-02-25
Using Biorthogonal Decomposition in Experimental Data Reduction

Andrea Ianiro (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain ), 2016-02-24
Advanced techniques for the investigation of flow field and heat transfer in impinging jets

Daniel Albernaz (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-02-18
Isotropic turbulence in single and multiphase flows

Christophe Brouzet (ENS de Lyon ), 2016-02-16
Energy cascade in internal wave attractors

Marie Couliou (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-02-11
Spreading of turbulence in plane Couette flow

Michael Liverts (KTH, Mekanik ), 2016-01-21
Limiting temperatures of spherical shock wave implosion

Seminar record 2015

Iman Lashgari (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-12-18
Inertial regimes of suspension of finite size rigid spheres in a channel

Henrik Alfredsson (KTH Mekanik ), 2015-12-17
Pipe flow revisited - does size matter ?

Walter Fornari (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-12-17
Suspensions of finite-size rigid spheres in different flow cases

Ville Vuorinen (Depart. Energy Technology, Aalto Univ. Finland ), 2015-12-17
Fluid Dynamics of Reacting Spray Flames Using LES

Mohammad Hosseini (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-12-14
Stability, Transition, and Turbulence in three-dimensional boundary layers

Priti Yadav (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-12-11
Modelling Loading and Growth of Long Bones

Azad Noorani (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-12-04
Particle Laden Turbulent Wall-bounded Flows in Moderately Complex Geometries

Sembian Sundarapandian (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-12-03
Plane shock wave interaction with a cylindrical water column

Dejan Koren ( ), 2015-11-19
CFD unstructured mesh optimization for the Siemens 4th generation DLE burner

Enrico Rinaldi ( Process and Energy Department, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands ), 2015-10-15
Models and simulation of non-ideal fluid flows

Bernhard Semlitsch (U. Cambridge ), 2015-10-01
Network modeling for prediction of thermo-acoustic instabilities in lean burn combustor

Marcus Hultmark (Princeton University ), 2015-09-25
Exploring the details of turbulence with miniature sensors

Bernhard Semlitsch (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-09-17
Network modeling for prediction of thermo-acoustic instabilities in lean burn combusto

Koji Fukagata (Keio University, Japan ), 2015-09-09
Suppression of vortex shedding using plasma actuators

Raphael Ebenhoch (University of Stuttgart ), 2015-08-06
Simplified modeling of wind-farm flows

Christian Eigenbrod (Combustion Engineering ZARM, Universtität Bremen Bremen, Germany ), 2015-07-14
ZARM Combustion Research

Igor Grigoriev (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-06-18
Modeling of homogeneously sheared or rotating compressed turbulence

Werner Lazeroms (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-06-12
Turbulence modelling applied to the atmospheric boundary layer

Evgeni Fedorovich (University of Oklahoma ), 2015-06-11
Direct and large eddy simulations of slope flows

Brian White (Marine Sciences Department UNC Chapel Hill ), 2015-06-09
Stratified coastal flows: Gravity currents, internal waves, and tilting shear layers

Johan Malmberg (KTH ), 2015-06-08
Improving aerodynamic performance of a truck: a numerical based analysis

Jacob Johnsson (Scania ), 2015-06-08
Aktiv styrning av hjälpmedel för droppfot med vajerbaserad aktuering

Daniel Bodony (University of Illinois ), 2015-06-05
Sneaking up on reliable and effective jet noise control

Karl Nilsson (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-06-04
Numerical computations of wind turbine wakes and wake interaction

Jim Brasseur (Penn State ), 2015-06-03
Atmospheric boundary layers and wind turbine interaction

Takuya Kawata (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-05-28
Flow structures in laminar and turbulent plane rotating Couette flow

Ramin Imani Jajarmi (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-05-27
Acoustic separation of submicron particles in gaseous flows

Alexander Korobkin (University of East Anglia ), 2015-05-26
Cat lapping and aircraft ditching

Antonio Segalini (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-05-21
Systematic errors of skin-friction measurements by oil-film interferometry

Martin Söder (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-05-08
Creation and destruction of in-cylinder flows; Large eddy simulations of the intake and the compression strokes

Ramis Örlü (KTH Mechanics ), 2015-04-14
An Experimentalist's Guide to Wall Turbulence – A trilogy and 'Publish and/or Perish'

Stavros Tavoularis (Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ottawa ), 2015-03-19
Gap instability and vortex streets in flows through eccentric annular channels

Yukinori Kametani (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-03-19
Effects of uniform blowing or suction in spatially developing turbulent boundary layers

Zeinab Pouransari (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-03-12
Numerical studies of turbulent flames in wall-jet flows

Yves D'Angelo (CORIA Lab, Rouen, FRANCE ), 2015-03-11
Asymptotic modeling vs DNS/LES & Experiments for premixed flames

Ander Eza (KTH ), 2015-02-25
Flow simulations with relevance to a centrifugal compressor and the effect of the inlet geometry

Pedro Costa (Delft University of Technology ), 2015-02-12
Interface-Resolved Simulations of turbulent, particle-laden flows using and Immersed Boundary Method

David Katoshevski (Ben-Gurion University (BGU) ), 2015-02-02
Particles/Droplets Grouping in Oscillating Flows

Christophe Eloy (Ecole Centrale Marseille, France ), 2015-01-30
Remodeling of tree architecture through wind-induced loads

Shintaro Imayama (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-01-30
Studies of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow

Peter Thomas (University of Warwick ), 2015-01-29
Particle-laden Flows in Rotating Drums: The Silent Secrets

Ugis Lacis (KTH, Mekanik ), 2015-01-29
Nature inspired passive flow control using various coatings and appendages

Adam Sierakowski (John Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA ), 2015-01-22
Leveraging GPUs for high-fidelity disperse particle flows

Erdzan Hodzic (LTH ), 2015-01-20
Analysis of Bluff Body Flame Stabilization close to blow-off

Jim Hermanson (Univ. of Washington ), 2015-01-19
Multiphase flow research at the University of Washington; high-speed droplets and film evaporation

Jean Rabault (KTH ), 2015-01-15
PIV Investigation of the Flow in a Parallel Valves Diesel Engine Cylinder during Intake Stroke

Seminar record 2014

Julie Vernet (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-12-19
Plasma actuators for separation control - design and application

Marios Kotsonis (Delft University Of Technology, Aerospace Engineering ), 2014-12-18
Talked Cancelled!! Plasma actuator research at TU Delft. A review of the past years and some future directions

Henrik Alfredsson (KTH Mekanik ), 2014-12-17
If Donald Rumsfeld had been a turbulence scientist

Bernhard Semlitsch (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-12-17
Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Compressible Jets

Paul Tucker (The University of Cambridge ), 2014-12-16
Large Eddy Simulation for Turbomachinery

Tien Nguyen (Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery ), 2014-12-05
A CFD study of the losses in sharp and radiused orifices with and without inlet cross-flow

Sandra Shefelbine (Northeastern University, Boston ), 2014-11-24
Adaptation of bone to mechanical load

Enrico Deusebio (University of Cambridge, DAMTP ), 2014-11-20
The laminar/turbulent transition boundary in stratified plane Couette flow

Martin Trulsson (LPTMS - Université Paris Sud - France ), 2014-11-11
Shear flows of non-Brownian and Brownian suspensions: From jammed to glassy states.

Sasan Sarmast (KTH Mechanics ), 2014-10-31
Numerical study on instability and interaction of wind turbine wakes

Nicolò Fabbiane (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-10-27
Adaptive and model-based control in laminar boundary-layer flows

Mathias Kvick (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-10-24
Transitional and turbulent fibre suspension flows

Björn Hof (Institute of Science and Technology Austria ), 2014-10-23
Transition to turbulence in shear flows

Christian Carlsson (Lunds Tekniska Högskola (LTH) ), 2014-10-23
Swirl switching in turbulent flow through 90 pipe bends

Jonathan Tu (University of California, Berkeley, USA ), 2014-10-20
Data-driven approaches for overcoming temporal sampling rate limitations in particle image velocimetry

Kunihiko Taira (Dept. Mech. Engineering, Florida State University ), 2014-10-16
Network-theoretic approach to sparsified discrete vortex dynamics

Sasan Sarmast (KTH Mechanics ), 2014-10-09
Mutual inductance instability of the helical tip vortices behind a wind turbine

Ricardo Martinez-Botas (Imperial College, London, UK ), 2014-10-03
Assessment and comparison of fluid mechanics time-scales in turbomachinery with a particular application to pulse turbochargers

Johan Fjällman (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-10-03
Large Eddy Simulations of Complex Flows in IC-Engine's Exhaust Manifold and Turbine

Mathias Kvick (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-10-02
Laminar-turbulent transition of fibre suspension flows

Nicolò Fabbiane (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-09-30
Reactive laminar-flow control: an experimental study using plasma actuators

Markus Pastuhoff (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-09-26
Measuring with pressure sensitive paint in time-varying flows

Ulrich Henne (German Aerospace Center (DLR) ), 2014-09-25
PSP and TSP measurements on fast rotating propellers

Karl Håkansson (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-09-25
Orientation of elongated, macro and nano-sized particles in macroscopic flows

Takahiro Tsukahara (Tokyo University of Science ), 2014-09-22
Viscoelastic and elasto-inertial turbulence in roughened/smooth channel flow

Soichiro Makino (Toyota Central R&D Labs ), 2014-09-22
Laminar-turbulence transition over the rotor disk in an enclosed rotor-stator cavity

Jens Eggers (University of Bristol, School of Mathematics ), 2014-09-19
Stability and breakup of liquid threads

Dipankar Bandyopadhyay (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati ), 2014-09-11
Self-propelling Microbots Decorated with Catalytic and Magnetic Nanoparticles

Swaroop Nandan Bora (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati ), 2014-09-08
Damping of water waves by bottom-mounted porous structures

Romain Watteaux (ISZ Napoli, Italy ), 2014-09-04
Large-scale structures detection in Raileigh-Taylor Instabilities

Subhash Mishra (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati ), 2014-09-03
Analysis of combined mode conduction and radiation heat transfer using the lattice Boltzmann method

Ellinor Appelquist (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-09-03
Direct numerical simulations of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow

Elia Merzari (Argonne National Laboratory ), 2014-08-26
High-fidelity Simulation of the flow in nuclear reactor systems: some recent advances

Masaharu Matsubara (Shinshu University, Japan ), 2014-08-25
Concrete evidence of linear modes in turbulent shear flows

Christopher Davies (Cardiff University ), 2014-06-24
On the growth of wavepackets in an oscillatory Stokes layer

Jiyuan Tu (RMIT University, Australia ), 2014-06-13
Micro- and Nano-Particle Transport and Deposition in the Human Respiratory Airways

Cai-Juan Zhan (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-06-13
On the behaviour of motile microbes in Fluid Flow

Nasseradeen Ashwear (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-06-13
Vibration frequencies as status indicators for tensegrity structures

Athanasia Kalpakli Vester (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-06-13
Vortices in turbulent curved pipe flow - rocking, rolling and pulsating motions

Knud Erik Meyer (Dept. Mechanical Engineering, DTU, Denmark ), 2014-06-12
Turbulent swirling flow in two-stroke marine diesel engines

Chris Ford (Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering Loughborough University, Leicestershire, UK ), 2014-06-12
Lean Direct Injection for Aircraft Gas Turbines

Reza Dadfar (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-06-10
Flow control and reduced-order modelling of transition in shear flows

Effie Gutmark (University of Cincinnati ), 2014-06-02
Jet noise: Characterization and control.

Reza Dadfar (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-05-30
Centralised versus Decentralised Active Control of Boundary Layer Instabilities

Athanasia Kalpakli Vester (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-05-28
Dean vortices in turbulent flows—Revisited

Raman Sujith (Dep. Aerospace Engineering IIT Madras, Chenna ), 2014-05-26
Prognosis of an Impending Combustion Instability

Abdul Malik Tahir (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-05-26
Alloy element redistribution during sintering of powder metallurgy steels

Ylva Odemark (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-05-14
Wind-turbine wake flows - Effects of boundary layers and periodic disturbances

Mikael Swarén (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-04-29
Experimental Test Setups and Simulations in Skiing Mechanics

Tomas Rosén (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-04-24
The influence of inertia on the rotational dynamics of spheroidal particles suspended in shear flows

Professors P. Henrik Alfredsson & Arne V. Johansson (KTH Mechanics ), 2014-04-10
Large Eddy Break-Up devices - past, present, future (?)

Daniel Tam (Process & Energy, TU Delft, Netherlands ), 2014-04-03
Flexibility increases lift on passive fluttering wings

Lailai Zhu (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-03-28
Simulation of individual cells in flow

Michael Graham (University of Wisconsin-Madison ), 2014-03-27
Drag reduction and the dynamics of turbulence in simple and complex fluids

Peter Lenaers (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-03-21
A new high-order method for direct numerical simulations of turbulent wall-bounded flows

Hans Kuerten (Eindhoven University of Technology ), 2014-03-20
Direct and large-eddy simulation of turbulent flow with particles and droplets

Olivier Cadot (ENSTA-ParisTech ), 2014-03-19
Reflectional symmetry breaking modes of the flow past parallelepiped bodies

Renzo Trip (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-03-19
An experimental study on the wake behind a rectangular forebody with variable inlet conditions

Amin Rasam (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-03-14
Anisotropy-resolving subgrid-scale modelling using explicit algebraic closures for large eddy simulation

Bernard Geurts (University of Twente ), 2014-03-13
Turbulence intensification

Azad Noorani (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-03-11
Lagrangian Particles in Turbulence and Complex Geometries

Michael Liverts (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-03-06
Shock waves interaction with aqueous foams

Taras Khapko (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-02-28
Transition to turbulence in the asymptotic suction boundary layer

Marc Avila (Institute of Fluid Mechanics, Univ. of Erlangen-Nurnberg, Germany ), 2014-02-27
Emerging turbulence in pipe flow

Feng Zhang (KTH , Mekanik ), 2014-02-21
Instability in Settling Fibres: A Numerical Study

Amin Rasam (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-02-14
Large eddy simulation of the periodic hill flow using the explicit algebraic subgrid-scale model

Lailai Zhu (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-02-13
Solving fluid-structure interaction by high-fidelity simulations: a computational platform for micro-fluidic devices

( ), 2014-02-13
Effect of forest clearings: Experimental and numerical assessment

Sohrab S. Sattarzadeh (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-01-20
Attenuation of boundary layer disturbances by means of streamwise vortices

Enrico Deusebio (KTH, Mekanik ), 2014-01-17
Numerical studies in rotating and stratified turbulence

Shervin Bagheri (KTH,Mekanik ), 2014-01-14
Manipulation of flows

Seminar record 2013

Shervin Bagheri (KTH,Mekanik ), 2013-12-19
Manipulation of flows

Stevin van Wyk (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-12-19
Blood Flow variations in Large Arteries due to non-Newtonian rheology

Yue Wang (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-12-17
Numerical Studies of Flow and Associated Losses in the Exhaust Port of a Diesel Engine

Iman Lashgari (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-12-13
Global stability analysis of complex fluids

Francois Gallaire (EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland ), 2013-12-12
In the Von Karman wake: recirculation length reduction, nonlinear saturation and pairing instability

Tommy Ohlsson (Teor. Fysik KTH ), 2013-12-06
Open Access Publishing and arXiv

Pedro Paredes (Univ. Politecnica Madrid, Spain ), 2013-12-05
On global instability mechanisms of three-dimensional compressible complex flows

Jenny Brandefelt (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-12-04
Modelling past, present and future climate

Joy Klinkenberg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-11-08
Transition in particle-laden flows

Shuisheng He (Univ. Sheffield. ), 2013-11-07
Transient turbulent flow in a channel or a pipe

Kendra Shrestha ( ), 2013-10-22
Partially Premixed Combustion for Low Load Conditions in Marine Engines using Computational and Experimental Techniques

Orlando Zaccaria (Univ. Genoa, Italy ), 2013-10-17
Symmetry breaking of a flexible filament in a pulsatile flow

Chenyang Weng (KTH/MWL ), 2013-10-11
Licentiate seminar: Modeling of sound-turbulence interactions in low Mach number duct flows

Ismael Bouya (KTH Mechanics ), 2013-10-03
Pulsed ABC-flow Dynamo

Marit Berger (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-09-27
Modelling the early to mid-Holocene Arctic climate

Wim-Paul van Breugem (Delft University of Technology ), 2013-09-26
On DNS of collisions between deformable droplets and between rigid spheres

Hamid Kellay (Université Bordeaux, France ), 2013-09-24
Experiments with soap films and soap bubbles: drag and single vortices

Yury Kachanov (ITAM, Russia ), 2013-09-23
Reproducibility of instantaneous and statistical characteristics of the deterministic turbulence

Keisuke Asai (Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan ), 2013-09-12
Designing airplane for Mars exploration

Naofumi Ohnishi (Dept. of Aerospace Engineering, Tohoku University, Japan ), 2013-09-12
Simulations of flow generation and control accompanied by atmospheric discharge

Cheng Chin (University of Melbourne, Australia ), 2013-09-09
Correction of turbulence statistics in limited spatial resolution measurements

Cecilia Rorai (KTH Mechanics ), 2013-09-05
Some aspects of stratified flows: turbulent bursts and helicity dynamics

Jim Hermanson (Univ. of Washington ), 2013-08-29
Fluid mechanics research at the University of Washington: Reaction Zone Structure of Swirled, Strongly-Pulsed Turbulent Jet Flames. II. Convective Structure and Heat Transfer of Transient Evaporating Films.

Masato Nagata (Kyoto University/Tianjin University ), 2013-08-27
Exact coherent structures in plane Couette flow and plane Poiseuille flow

Koji Fukagata (Keio University, Japan ), 2013-08-26
Numerical simulation of passive control of flow around a circular cylinder using porous surface

Martin Söder (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-08-20
Numerical Investigation of Internal Combustion Engine Related Flows

Ephraim Gutmark (KTH , Mekanik ), 2013-08-14
Experimental characterization of flow and pressure instabilities in a turbocharger ported shroud compressor

Masato Nagata ( ), 2013-07-29
Exact coherent structures in plane Couette flow and plane Poiseuille flow

( ), 2013-06-19
Wind tunnel blockage effects for wind-turbine measurements

Johan Fjällman (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-06-14
Unsteady simulations of the turbulent flow in the exhaust system of an IC-engine for optimal energy utilization

Werner Lazeroms (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-06-14
Explicit algebraic turbulence modelling in buoyancy-affected shear flows

Antti Hellsten (FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute) ), 2013-06-13
Flux- and energy oscillations in stably stratified and sheared turbulence

Mohammad Hosseini (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-06-13
Stability and transition of three-dimensional boundary layers

Reza Dadfar (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-06-13
Active control and reduced-order modelling of transition in shear flows

Bernhard Semlitsch (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-05-23
LES of Supersonic Jets: Temperature and Fluidic Flow Control Effects

Antonio Segalini (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-05-16
A simplified vortex model of wind turbine and propeller wakes

Shahab Shahinfar (KTH Mechanics ), 2013-05-03
An experimental study on streamwise streaks in transitional boundary layers

Yury Kachanov (ITAM, Novosibirsk ), 2013-05-02
Generation and evolution of unsteady Götler vortices

Ilona Riipinen (Department of Applied Environmental Science, SU ), 2013-04-26
Atmospheric gas-aerosol interactions: From fundamental theory to impacts on global climate and human health

Sasan Sarmast (KTH Mechanics ), 2013-04-23
Numerical study on instability and interaction of wind turbine wakes

Per-Åge Krogstad (NTNU, Trondheim ), 2013-04-22
About the NTNU model turbine data base and the two blind tests

Mauro Chinappi (Center for Life Nano Science, IIT, Rome ), 2013-04-18
Superhydrophobic surfaces: stability of the Cassie-Baxter state and its effect on liquid water slippage

Joy Klinkenberg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-04-17
The behavior of particles with different relaxation times in bypass transition

Matthew de Stadler (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-04-16
High resolution simulations of stratified turbulent wakes

Jonathan Morrison (Imperial College London ), 2013-04-04
Open-loop Control of an Axisymmetric Turbulent Wake

Ahmed Al-Jumaily (Auckland University of Technology, Institute of Biomedical Technologies ), 2013-03-14
Respiratory Therapy: Breaking the walls of ASM

Loek Boermans (Department of Aerospace Engineering, Delft, Netherlands ), 2013-03-08
Boundary layer suction

Alexander Sakowitz (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-02-22
Computation and Analysis of EGR Mixing in Internal Combustion Engine Manifolds

Onofrio Semeraro (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-02-22
Active control and modal structures in transitional shear flows

Bernd Noack (CNRS - Université de Poitiers - ENSMA ), 2013-02-21
Closed-loop turbulence control - progresses and challenges

Raoul Liew (Faculty of Applied Physics Eindhoven University of Technology ), 2013-02-21
Maxwell's demon in the vortex tube

Geert Brethouwer (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-02-20
The influence of rotation on turbulent flows

Minh Do-Quang (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-02-12
Introduction to the Lattice Boltzmann Method for Fluid Dynamics

Olle Bodin (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-02-08
Simulations of compressible flows associated with internal combustion engines

Luca Biferale (Dept. Physics, Univ. Rome 'Tor Vergata ), 2013-02-07
Novel eddy-simulation strategies to improve understanding and modeling of direct and inverse cascades in Turbulence.

Mihai Mihaescu (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-02-07
Snoring and Phonation: a Fluid Mechanics perspective

Nicolas Brosse (KTH, Mekanik ), 2013-01-31
Path and wake of a falling body in interaction with another body or in presence of confinement

Nikolas Goldin (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany ), 2013-01-24
Laminar flow control with displaceable wall segment actuators

Eyal Heifetz (Dept. of Meteorology, Stockholm University ), 2013-01-17
Interacting counter-propagating waves in shear flows

Seminar record 2012

Robert Downs (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-12-20

Professors P. Henrik Alfredsson & Arne V. Johansson (KTH Mechanics ), 2012-12-17
The thirty year war - how to survive in academia

Alexandre Suryadi (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-11-08
Rotating plane Couette flow at high rotation number

Luca Biancofiore (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-10-25
Influence of confinement on the spatio-temporal development of wakes

Werner Lazeroms (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-10-11
An explicit algebraic Reynolds-stress and scalar-flux model for stably stratified flows

Onofrio Semeraro (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-10-04
Active control of BL instabilities: model-free assessment of the performance and effects of actuator/sensor

Masaharu Matsubara (Shinshu University, Japan ), 2012-09-27
Experimental and numerical investigations of transitional channel flow

Sebastien Michelin (LadHyX, Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau, France ), 2012-09-21
Swimming vs. feeding: optimal strokes of model ciliates

Jan Nordström (Linkoping University ), 2012-09-20
Initial Boundary Value Problems, Summation-By-Parts Operators and Weak Boundary Conditions with Multi-Physics Applications

Sven Grundmann (Center of Smart Interfaces, TU-Darmstadt ), 2012-08-24
Phase-locked 3D3C-MRV measurements in a bi-stable fluidic oscillator

Sharath Girimaji (TAMU ), 2012-07-03
How to approach DNS limit with variable-resolution approaches

Henrik Alfredsson (KTH Mekanik ), 2012-06-28
Turbulent boundary layers over flat plates and rotating disks - the legacy of von Kármán: a Stockholm perspective

Bendiks Jan Boersma (TU Delft ), 2012-06-21
Superstructures in DNS of turbulent pipe flow

Karl Håkansson (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-06-15
Orientation of elongated particles in shear and extensional flow

Feng Zhang (KTH , Mekanik ), 2012-06-15
Eulerian numerical study of the sedimentation of fibre suspensions

Enrico Deusebio (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-06-15
Numerical Investigation of Rotating and Stratified Turbulence

Lailai Zhu (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-06-14
Numerical investigation of swimming microorganisms in complex environments

Andrej Vilfan (J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia ), 2012-06-13
Efficiency of ciliary propulsion

Mathias Kvick (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-06-12
Hydrodynamic stability and turbulence in fibre suspension flows

Shintaro Imayama (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-06-08
Experimental study of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow

Benoît Pier (École centrale de Lyon ), 2012-06-07
Periodic and quasiperiodic vortex shedding in the wake of a rotating sphere

Andrea Mazzino (Genova University ), 2012-06-07
Mixing induced by polymers in Rayleigh-Taylor turbulence

Fredrik Laurantzon (KTH Mechanics ), 2012-06-01
Flow measurements related to gas exchange applications

Vasanta Ram (Ruhr-Universität Bochum ), 2012-05-31
Some insight on the characteristics of the response of turbulent shear flows to disturbances - a perspective from Ruhr Universität, Bochum

Natalia Kosterina (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-05-31
Modelling of muscular force induced by non-isometric contraction

Malte Kjellander (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-05-25
Energy concentration by converging shock waves in gases

Gabi Ben-Dor (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev ), 2012-05-24
Shock Wave Research Capabilities and Methodology at The BGU Protective Technologies Research & Development Center

Ruoli Wang (KTH Mechanics ), 2012-05-24
Biomechnical consequences of gait impairment at the ankle and foot: Injury, malalignment, and co-contraction

Gerrit Elsinga (TU Delft ), 2012-05-23
Qualitative universality of small-scale motions in turbulence

Ylva Odemark (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-05-22
Wakes behind wind turbines - Studies on tip vortex evolution and stability

Shanling Yang (University of Southern California ), 2012-05-16
Control of strongly varying flows over wings at low Reynolds numbers

Florian von Stillfried (KTH Mekanik ), 2012-05-16
Computational fluid-dynamics investigations of vortex generators for flow-separation control

Malte Kjellander (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-05-10
Basic concepts and generation of converging shock waves

Athanasia Kalpakli Vester (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-05-03
Experimental study of turbulent flows through pipe bends

Jerome Hoepffner (Université Pierre et Marie Curie ), 2012-04-26
Oblique waves lift the flapping flag

Stefania Cherubini (University of Bari, Italy ), 2012-04-26
Non-linear optimals: transition and bursting in shear flows

Jose Palma (University of Porto ), 2012-04-20
Flow over forests

Enrico Deusebio (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-04-19
The route to dissipation in strongly stratified and rotating flows

Florian von Stillfried (KTH Mekanik ), 2012-04-05
A novel vortex generator jet stress model approach for flow separation control and its evaluation against experimental and computational results

Hassan Nagib (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-04-03
The myth of canonical turbulent flows

Antonio Segalini (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-03-29
Spatial resolution effects in hot-wire measurements

Andreas Carlson ( ), 2012-03-23
Capillarity and dynamic wetting

Raffaello Mariani (University of Manchester ), 2012-03-22
On the impingement of compressible vortex rings on stationary surfaces

Koji Fukagata (Keio University, Japan ), 2012-03-20
Predetermined drag reduction control of wall-turbulence

Takahiro Tsukahara (Tokyo University of Science ), 2012-03-08
On the transition to/from turbulence in channel flows

Bengt Fallenius (KTH, Mechanics ), 2012-03-02
Rectangular based fore-body with continuous suction or blowing

Mihai Mihaescu (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-03-01
Predicting jet flow and acoustics associated with turbofan engine models

Ekeleida Lushi (Imperial College London ), 2012-02-27
The importance of hydrodynamic interactions in the colonial dynamics of micro-organisms

Yury Kachanov (ITAM, Novosibirsk ), 2012-02-23
Vortex receptivity of boundary layers

Andrea Cimarelli (University of Bologna ), 2012-02-16
The paths of energy in wall-turbulence

Alexandre Suryadi (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-02-09
Torque estimation from pressure integration of a flapping rigid plate using Stereo PIV

Jerome Hoepffner (KTH mechanics ), 2012-02-07
Oblique waves lift the flapping flag

Andreas Carlson ( ), 2012-02-02
Short-time dynamic wetting

Pierre Augier (KTH, Mekanik ), 2012-01-19
Instabilities and turbulence in stratified fluids: numerical and experimental studies

Seminar record 2011

Johan Malm (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-12-16
Spectral-element simulations of turbulent wall-bounded flows including transition and separation

David Tempelmann (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-12-09
Receptivity of crossflow-dominated boundary layers

Anatoli Tumin (The University of Arizona ), 2011-12-08
Stability of high-speed chemically non-equilibrium boundary layers

Stevin van Wyk (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-12-08
Unsteadiness of blood flow in 90-degree bifurcations

Alexander Sakowitz (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-12-02
On the Computation of Turbulent Mixing Processes with Application to EGR in IC-engines

Bengt Fallenius (KTH, Mechanics ), 2011-11-11
Experimental design and vortex analyses in turbulent wake flows

Francesco Picano (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-11-10
Transport of inertial particles in turbulent jets

Novak Elliott (Curtin University, Australia ), 2011-11-03
Syringomyelia and snoring: a pair of fluid-structure interaction problems in physiology

Martin Bees (University of Glasgow ), 2011-10-27
Bioconvection, flowfields and the transport of biased swimming algae in a flow in a tube

Qiang Li (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-10-10
Direct and Large-eddy Simulations of Turbulent Boundary Layers with Heat Transfer

Joy Klinkenberg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-10-07
Stability analysis of channel flow laden with small particles

Cristian Marchioli (University of Udine ), 2011-10-06
Predicting particle preferential concentration in LES turbulent flows: open issues of Lagrangian tracking and possible remedies

David Tempelmann (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-09-29
Receptivity studies of a swept-wing boundary-layer

Zeinab Pouransari (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-09-28
Fundamental studies of non-premixed combustion in turbulent wall jets using direct numerical simulation

Milos Ilak (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-09-22
Bifurcation and stability analysis of a jet in crossflow

Yukio Kaneda (Nagoya University ), 2011-09-08
Two kinds of universalities in the small-scale statistics of turbulence at high Reynolds number

Laszlo Fuchs (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-09-05
Icing and de-icing of Wïnd-Turbine blades

Murtazo Nazarov (KTH, NADA ), 2011-09-01
Ph.D. defence "Adaptive Algorithms and High Order Stabilization for Finite Element Computation of Turbulent Compressible Flow"

Sven Grundmann (Technische Universität Darmstadt ), 2011-08-29
Experimental transition control using body forces

Avraham Seifert (Tel Aviv University ), 2011-08-25
Active flow control of wind turbines and heavy vehicles

Rama Govindarajan (Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore ), 2011-06-14
Stability of density stratified vortical flows

Outi Tammisola (KTH Mechanics ), 2011-06-13
Numerical stability studies of one-phase and immiscible two-phase jets and wakes

Shahab Shahinfar (KTH Mechanics ), 2011-06-09
Transitional boundary layers caused by free-stream turbulence

Berend van Wachem (Imperial College London ), 2011-06-09
Modeling of gas-solid turbulent flows with non-spherical particles

Amin Rasam (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-05-30
Explicit algebraic subgrid-scale stress and passive scalar flux modeling in large eddy simulation

Axel Kierkegaard (AVE, KTH ), 2011-05-27
Frequency Domain Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations Methods for Low Mach Number Internal Aeroacoustics

Antonios Monokrousos ( ), 2011-05-27
Optimisation and control of shear flows

Laurette S. Tuckerman (PMMH-ESPCI ), 2011-05-26
How to turn an exponential into an inverse

Hassan Nagib (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-05-26
Asymptotic similarity and pressure gradient effects in turbulent boundary layers

Qiang Li (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-05-25
Large-eddy simulation of a turbulent boundary layer with passive scalar transport

Matthäus Bäbler (Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, KTH ), 2011-05-25
Aggregation and breakup of colloidal particles in turbulent flows

Carl Christian Kjelgaard Mikkelsen (Department of Computing Science, Umeå University ), 2011-05-24
Mathematics for analysis of narrow-banded linear system solvers

Gabriele Bellani (KTH ), 2011-05-19
Experimental studies of complex flows through image-based techniques

Axel Brandenburg (Nordita, Stockholm ), 2011-05-12
Turbulent transport in astrophysical flows

Berend van Wachem ( ), 2011-05-10
To be announced

Yoshitsugu Naka (Laboratoire de Mécanique de Lille ), 2011-05-05
Velocity-pressure correlation measurement in a turbulent boundary layer

Ruth-Anne Lambert (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-04-28
The role of flap bending and rotation on fluid mixing in a microchannel

Outi Tammisola (KTH Mechanics ), 2011-04-07
Global stability of plane co-flow wakes and jets: changes with confinement and surface tension

Sohrab Sattarzadeh Shirvan (KTH Mekanik ), 2011-04-07
Experimental study of complex pipe flows

Gabriele Bellani (KTH ), 2011-03-31
Experimental study of large particles in homogeneous isotropic turbulence

Peter Schmid (LadHyX, Ecole Polytechnique, France ), 2011-03-17
Flow control design by Galerkin projection and system identification

Antonios Monokrousos ( ), 2011-03-09
Linear and non-linear optimisation of shear flows

Joy Klinkenberg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-02-24
Stability analysis of a particle laden flow

Onofrio Semeraro (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-02-18
Feedback control and modal structures in transitional shear flows

Mihailo Jovanovic (University of Minnesota ), 2011-02-17
Dynamics and control of wall-bounded shear flows

Johan Malm (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-02-09
Spectral elements for turbulence simulations in complex geometries

Fan Zou (Gotland University ), 2011-01-26
Estimation of wind energy production for Offshore wind farm - Method Validation of Wind Farm Wake Models using WindSim

Lailai Zhu (KTH, Mekanik ), 2011-01-20
A numerical study on hydrodynamics of swimming micro-organisms in polymeric fluids

Seminar record 2010

Calle Finnström ( ), 2010-12-20
Numerical Investigation of Secondary Flows in a Compressor Cascade

Fredrik Laurantzon (KTH Mechanics ), 2010-12-17
Flow Measuring Techniques in Steady and Pulsating Compressible Flows

Krishnagoud Manda (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-12-16
Finite Element Simulations of Biphasic Articular Cartilages With Localized Metal Implants

Eri Tatsumi (Kyoto University ), 2010-12-09
Gas flow through a curved micro channel: Application of kinetic gas theory

Fabrizio Ponti (University of Bologna ), 2010-12-09
Crankshaft torsional models for ICE Torque management and Combustion positioning control

Mireia Altimira (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-11-25
Analysis of atomization systems through mathematical modeling and experimentation: application to industrial fan-spray atomizers

Andreas Vallgren (KTH Mekanik ), 2010-11-19
Dynamic properties of two-dimensional and quasi-geostrophic turbulence

Peter Ditlevsen (Niels Bohr Institute ), 2010-11-18
The Dansgaard-Oechger events, could they be predicted?

Lars-Uve Schrader (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-11-12
Receptivity of Boundary-Layer Flows over Flat and Curved Walls

Gregoire Casalis (ONERA ), 2010-11-11
Investigations on the receptivity induced by micron-sized roughness elements placed on a swept cylinder in a uniform flow

Michiel Kreutzer (Delft University of Technology ), 2010-11-04
Instabilities in segmented flows - bubble formation and partial wetting

Robert F. Mikkelsen (DTU ), 2010-10-28
Distributed momentum sources in CFD applied to rotor aerodynamic flows

Larry Mahrt (Oregon State University ), 2010-10-21
Stratified atmospheric boundary layers

S.J. Garrett (University of Leicester ), 2010-10-15
Distinct transition mechanisms on slender vs broad cones

Cyrus Aidun (Georgia Institute of Technology ), 2010-10-14
DNS of noncolloidal particles, deformable capsules and fibres suspended in liquid

Wim-Paul van Breugem (Delft University of Technology ), 2010-10-13
A combined soft-sphere/immersed boundary method for resolved simulations of particulate flows

Ramis Örlü (KTH Mechanics ), 2010-10-07
Turbulent boundary layers: Experiment and Simulation at KTH

Oscar Flores (University of Washington ), 2010-09-30
Analysis of stratification effects in the atmospheric surface layer using DNS

Magnus Björkman ( ), 2010-09-16
Numerical simulations of flow in a refiner

Junichiro Shiomi (Dept. of Mech. Eng, the University of Tokyo ), 2010-08-31
Heat conduction in carbon nanotube system

Andreas Vallgren (KTH Mekanik ), 2010-06-14
Statistical characteristics of two-dimensional and quasigeostrophic turbulence

Thomas Kurian (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-06-11
An experimental investigation of disturbance growth in boundary layer flows

Edward White (Texas A&M University ), 2010-06-10
Transient Growth: Receptivity, Realizability and Realistic Roughness

Simone Camarri (University of Pisa, Dipartimento Ingn Aerosp, ), 2010-06-09
An adjoint-based analysis of the secondary instability in the wake of a circular cylinder

Fredrik Hellström (KTH,Mechanik ), 2010-05-26
Numerical computations of the unsteady flow in turbochargers

Hugh Blackburn (Monash University, Australia ), 2010-05-24
Floquet instabilities of wakes and related systems

Victor Yakhot (Mechanical Engineering, Boston University ), 2010-05-20
Small parameter in turbulence theory. Mixing and skin friction in wall flows

Lawrence Cheung (Imperial College London ), 2010-05-03
The behavior of nonlinear instability waves in free shear flows

Hassan Nagib (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-04-23
High Reynolds Number Wall-Bounded Turbulence: Approach to Asymptotic State, Universality and ICET

Javier Jimenez (U. Politecnica, Madrid ), 2010-04-16
Simulation results on wall-bounded turbulence

Malte Kjellander (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-04-16
On dynamics and thermal radiation of imploding shock waves

Gabi Ben-Dor (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev ), 2010-04-15
Hysteresis phenomena in the interaction of shock waves in steady flows

Martin Sommerfeld (Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg ), 2010-03-30
Analysis of collision effects in particle-laden flows using the discrete particle method

Tobias Strömgren (KTH.Mekanik ), 2010-03-29
Model predictions of turbulent gas-particle shear flows

Hans Kuerten (Eindhoven University of Technology ), 2010-03-25
DNS of particle motion in rotating pipe flow

Amin Rasam (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-03-11
Large eddy simulations of high-Reynolds number channel flow

Onofrio Semeraro (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-03-04
Feedback control of three dimensional linear optimal disturbances

Philipp Schlatter (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-02-25
The strucutre of a turbulent boundary layer: Simulations at high Reynolds number

Lars Tysell (FOI ), 2010-02-19
Hybrid grid generation for viscous flow computations around complex geometries

Dhrubaditya Mitra (Nordita ), 2010-02-18
Dissipation reduction by addition of polymers additives in Direct Numerical Simulation of homogeneous, isotropic turbulence

Shervin Bagheri (KTH,Mekanik ), 2010-02-12
Analysis and control of transitional shear flows using global modes

Alessandro Bottaro (Università di Genova ), 2010-02-11
The optimal and near optimal wavepacket in a boundary layer and its ensuing turbulent spot

Rene Oliemans (Multiphase Flow B.V. ), 2010-02-09
Best practice guidelines for computational fluid dynamics of dispersed multiphase flows

Milos Ilak (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-02-04
Model Reduction and Feedback Control of Transitional Channel Flow

Walter Villanueva (Nuclear Power Safety ), 2010-01-28
Modeling and Simulation of Reactive Wetting with Intermetallic Formation

Minh Do-Quang (KTH, Mekanik ), 2010-01-14
Fluid dynamic behavior of dispensing small droplets through a thin liquid film

Seminar record 2009

John Fitzpatrick (Trinity College Dublin ), 2009-12-17
Measurement and Analysis of Turbulent Length Scales in Jet Flows

Florian von Stillfried (KTH Mekanik ), 2009-12-16
Computational studies of passive vortex generators for flow control

Johan Malm (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-12-15
Spectral-element simulations of separated turbulent internal flows

David Tempelmann (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-12-14
Stability and Receptivity of Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers

Charlotte Ahlberg ( ), 2009-12-04
An experimental study of fibre-suspensions between counter rotating discs

Peter Davidson (University of Cambridge ), 2009-12-03
Structure formation in rotating turbulence

Axel Kierkegaard (Aero ), 2009-11-26
Prediction of acoustic wave propagation and whistling potentiality in Low Mach number flow ducts

Andreas Vallgren (KTH Mekanik ), 2009-11-19
Numerical simulations of two-dimensional turbulence

Daniel Bodony (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ), 2009-11-12
Aeroacoustic predictions in complex geometries

Monika Fällman (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-11-11
Turbulence measurements in fiber suspension flows: experimental methods and results

Pavel Kudinov (Division of Nuclear Power Safety ), 2009-11-05
Particle-Based Methods for Fluid Dynamics, or can Validation be an Obstacle for Scientific Progress?

Ulrich Rist (Stuttgart University, Germany ), 2009-10-23
Interaction of Vortices and Shear Layers in Viscous Fluid Flows

Qiang Li (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-10-22
Simulations of turbulent boundary layers with heat transfer

Florian von Stillfried (KTH Mekanik ), 2009-10-08
Evaluation of a Vortex Generator Model in Adverse Pressure Gradient Boundary Layers

Tobias Strömgren (KTH.Mekanik ), 2009-10-01
Modelling of turbulent gas-particle flow

Niklas Mellgren (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-09-25
Validated Modelling of Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices

Erich Becker (Leibniz-Institut für Atmosphärenphysik ), 2009-09-24
Hydrodynamic conservation laws and turbulent friction in atmospheric circulation models

Toshiyuki Oyama (University of Tokyo ), 2009-09-17
Surface tension effect on a single bubble bouncing on a free surface with a front-tracking method

Oliver Paschereit (TU-Berlin ), 2009-09-15
Recent progress in combustion and flow control

Lisa Prahl Wittberg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-09-03
Hydrodynamical interaction among spherical particles

Pinhas Bar-Yoseph (Technion - Israel Institute of Technology ), 2009-08-17
Biomechanics review seminar on novel computational methods for simulation of wound healing and analysis of arterial and metabolic disease

Timothy Barth (Nasa Ames ), 2009-06-25
Recent Experiences in Space-time FEM Error Representation in Time for Compressible Flow

Kunihiko Taira (Princeton University ), 2009-06-12
Simulation and control of flows around low-aspect-ratio wings

Ramis Örlü (KTH Mechanics ), 2009-06-12
Experimental studies in jet flows and zero pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers

Timothy Nickels (University of Cambridge, UK ), 2009-06-11
New developments in turbulent boundary layer research

David Tempelmann (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-06-04
Spatial Optimal Growth in Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers

Yves Auregán (Laboratoire d'Acoustique de l'Université du Maine ), 2009-06-03
Aeroacoustic instability in a channel with a compliant and locally reacting wall

Ramis Örlü (KTH Mechanics ), 2009-05-28
Wall-bounded turbulent flows - revisited

Gunnar Tibert (KTH, Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering ), 2009-05-27
Centrifugalkraftsutfällning av en flexibel rymdstruktur

Karl Bolin (KTH MWL ), 2009-05-26
Wind Turbine Noise and Natural Sounds - Masking, Propagation and Modelling

Jens Fransson (KTH, Mechanics ), 2009-05-20
Turbulent patch evolution in spatially steady boundary layers

Carlo Cossu (LadHyX - Ecole Polytechnique, France ), 2009-05-14
Spherical cap bubbles with a toroidal bubbly wake

Nils van Hinsberg (TU Darmstadt ), 2009-05-12
Spray and drop impact onto films of finite thickness: dynamics of the crater and the fluctuating film

Zhensu She (Peking University ), 2009-05-11
Universal hierarchical symmetry for turbulence and general multi-scale fluctuation systems

Luciano Mariella (Ferrari F1 GeS ), 2009-05-08
The role of CFD in the aerodynamic design of a Ferrari Formula 1 car

Bengt Fallenius (KTH, Mechanics ), 2009-05-06
A new experimental setup for studies on wake flow instability and its control

Hiroshi Higuchi (Syracuse University ), 2009-05-05
Separated Flow Control and Bluff-Body Wake

Qiang Li (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-04-30
Numerical simulation of the heat transfer in a turbulent boundary layer

Predrag Cvitanovic (Georgia Tech ), 2009-04-21
Invariant solutions and state-space dynamics in wall-bounded flows

Outi Tammisola (KTH Mechanics ), 2009-04-16
Linear stability of plane wakes and liquid jets: Global and local approach

Yohann Duguet (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-04-08
Localised patterns in transitional shear flows : pipe flow and plane Couette flows

Malte Kjellander (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-04-02
Temperature measurements of light emission in imploding polygonal shock

Allan Carlsson (KTH Mekanik ), 2009-03-27
Near wall fibre orientation in flowing suspensions

Christoph Bruecker (TU Freiberg ), 2009-03-19
Near wall flow and wall shear measurements in turbulent boundary layer flows

Philippe Meliga (Ecole Polytechnique ), 2009-03-12
Global modes for the dynamics and control of afterbody flows

Antonios Monokrousos ( ), 2009-03-05
Global optimal disturbances in the Blasius flow using time-steppers

Thorsten Mauritsen (MISU, Stockholm University ), 2009-02-26
Causes for recent Arctic climate change

Stefan Ivanell (KTH ), 2009-02-19
Numerical computations of wind turbine wakes

Joachim Peinke (Oldenburg University ), 2009-02-18
Impact of turbulence on the wind energy conversion

Denis Sipp (Onera ), 2009-02-12
Open loop control of wake flows with adjoint methods

Outi Tammisola (KTH Mechanics ), 2009-02-05
Global modes in plane wakes and liquid sheets

Ola Lögdberg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2009-01-23
Turbulent boundary layer separation and control

Guido Buresti (Dipartimento di Ingegneria Aerospaziale, Universita' di Pisa ), 2009-01-22
Flow fluctuations and vorticity dynamics in the near wake of triangular prisms in cross-flow

Seminar record 2008

Mattias Gärdsback (KTH Mekanik ), 2008-12-08
Deployment Control of Spinning Space Webs

Espen Åkervik (Linné Flow Centre, KTH Mechanics ), 2008-12-05
Global stability and feedback control of boundary layer flows

Allan Carlsson (KTH Mekanik ), 2008-12-04
Near wall fibre orientation in flowing suspensions

S.J. Garrett (University of Leicester ), 2008-11-27
A theoretical study of the transition of boundary layers on rotating bodies

Andreas Carlson ( ), 2008-11-20
Droplet dynamics in bifurcating channels

Lars-Uve Schrader (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-11-14
Receptivity of Boundary Layers under Pressure Gradient

Gaëtan Compère (Université catholique de Louvain ), 2008-11-06
Transient mesh adaptivity applied to fluid-structure interaction problems with large displacements

Johan Hoffman (KTH NADA ), 2008-10-30
On the Euler equations as a model for high Reynolds number flow

Gabriele Bellani (KTH ), 2008-10-29
Velocity measurements in a fiber suspension flow: formation of a fiber network

Wolfgang Polifke (TU Munich ), 2008-10-22
Identification of thermo- and aero-acoustic response functions from CFD time series

Axel Kierkegaard (Aero ), 2008-10-21
Numerical investigations of generation and propagation of sound waves in low Mach number internal flows

Parviz Moin (CTR, Stanford University ), 2008-10-10
Integrated Simulation of Complex Multi-Physics Turbulent Flows

Jens Fransson (KTH, Mechanics ), 2008-10-02
Provföreläsning för lektorat i experimentell strömningsmekanik

Fredrik Lundell (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-10-02
Provföreläsning för lektorat i experimentell strömningsmekanik

Johan Malm (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-10-02
Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flow in a Plane Asymmetric Diffuser by the Spectral Element Method

Murtazo Nazarov (KTH, NADA ), 2008-09-25
A General Galerkin Finite Element Method for the Compressible Euler Equations

Gaetano Sardina (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-09-18
Spatially evolving turbophoresis: mechanics of inertial particle accumulation at the wall

Riccardo Rossi (Università di Bologna ), 2008-09-02
Numerical simulation of scalar dispersion in complex flows

Fulvio Martinelli (Politecnico di Milano ), 2008-08-28
Application of Wiener filtering theory to state estimation in wall bounded flows

Ephraim Gutmark (KTH , Mekanik ), 2008-08-25
Subsonic and supersonic flow control for Jet Noise Suppression

Linus Marstorp (KTH Mekanik ), 2008-06-13
Modelling of subgrid-scale stress and passive scalar flux in large eddy simulations of wall bounded flows

Yohann Duguet (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-06-12
Transition to turbulence in pipe flow: dynamical role of finite-amplitude solution

Yuan Lin (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-06-11
Modeling of dielectrophoresis in micro and nanosystems

Shervin Bagheri (KTH,Mekanik ), 2008-06-05
Stability analysis and control design of spatially developing flows

Marko Hyensjö (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-06-05
Fibre orientation modelling applied to contracting flows related to Papermaking

Karl-Erik Thylwe (KTH -Mekanik ), 2008-06-03
(Sub)atomic Wave Mechanics - New amplitude-phase method approach to solving the radial Dirac equation

Ivan Marusic (University of Melbourne ), 2008-05-27
Modeling Wall Turbulence Using the Attached Eddy Hypothesis

Bengt Enflo (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-05-27
A standing acoustic wave with shocks in a cubically nonlinear medium

Hassan Nagib (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-05-26
Comparison of Mean Flow Similarity Laws in Wall-Bounded Flows

Gilead Tadmor (Mathematics Department, Northeastern University ), 2008-05-22
A Unified Framework for Low Order Galerkin Flow Models and Feedback Flow Control

Alexander Smits (Princeton University ), 2008-05-20
Smooth and rough wall pipe flows

Beverley McKeon (California Institute of Technology ), 2008-05-19
The atmospheric surface layer as a model for canonical turbulent boundary layers

K. Breuer ( ), 2008-05-15
The mechanics of microscale flagellar motion

Carlo Casciola (University of Rome ), 2008-05-09
To be announced

Carlo Casciola (University of Rome ), 2008-05-08
To be announced

Carlo Casciola (University of Rome ), 2008-05-08
To be announced

Carlo Casciola (University of Rome ), 2008-05-07
To be announced

Arne Nordmark (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-04-29
Mechanical rigid body systems with impacts and friction: How the simplest models lead to strange behavior like Painlevé paradoxes and reverse chattering

Elisabetta De Angelis (University of Bologna ), 2008-04-24
Drag reduction in wall turbulence

Carlo Cossu (LadHyX - Ecole Polytechnique, France ), 2008-04-21
Optimal perturbations and very large scale structures in turbulent boundary layers

Etienne Roberg (EPFL Lausanne ), 2008-04-17
Experimental investigation of unstrained diffusion flames and their instabilities

Hassan Nagib (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-04-15
Recent developments in turbulent boundary layers understanding

Tomas Oppelstrup (Numerisk Analys, KTH ), 2008-04-15
Efficient simulation of Brownian motion in the low density limit

Masaharu Matsubara (Shinshu University, Japan ), 2008-04-10
High Reynolds experiments using towing tank facilities

Fredrik Hellström (KTH,Mechanik ), 2008-03-28
Numerical computations of the unsteady flow in a radial turbine

Anders Dahlkild (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-03-20
Evolution of flat plate wakes in sink flow

A Hirschberg (Technical University of Twente, The Netherlands ), 2008-03-13
Human whistling, gas-transport systems, Ariane V and corrugated pipes

Tobias Strömgren (KTH.Mekanik ), 2008-03-12
Modelling of turbulent gas-particle flow

Fredrik Lundell (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-03-07
Suspensions of non-spherical particles: an introduction to differences between water, clay and pulp

Lars-Uve Schrader (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-03-06
Receptivity mechanisms in three-dimensional boundary layers

Minh Do-Quang (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-02-28
Simulation of influence of wetting parameters on the solid-liquid impact

Luca Brandt (KTH, Mekanik ), 2008-02-22
Boundary layer receptivity

Donald Mc Eligot (Idaho National Laboratory, University of Stuttgart ), 2008-02-21
Recent studies with the World's largest Matched-Index-of-Refraction flow system

Edmond Walsh (University of Limerick, Ireland ), 2008-02-18
Peak streak perturbations and entropy generation rates in boundary layers subjected to free stream turbulence

Wouter van der Wijngaart (Microsystem Technology Lab. ), 2008-02-14
Surface tension based microfluidic components

Ephraim Gutmark (KTH , Mekanik ), 2008-02-08
On synthetic jets and their application

Claes Hedberg (Blekinge Tekniska Högskola ), 2008-02-01
Self-silenced sound and nonlinear acoustic non-destructive testing

GertJan van Heijst (Eindhoven University of Technology ), 2008-01-24
Two-dimensional turbulence on a bounded domain – the role of angular momentum

Bernhard Mehlig (Physics, Chalmers ), 2008-01-22
Clustering, caustics & collisions in turbulent aerosols

Seminar record 2007

Daniel Ahlman (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-12-14
Numerical studies of turbulent wall-jets for mixing and combustion applications

Jenny Brandefelt (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-12-13
Simulations of past and future global climate

Lanie Gutierrez-Farewik (KTH Mechanics ), 2007-11-29
Mechanics of Walking

Hans Bodén (MWL, KTH ), 2007-11-29
The effect of flow and high acoustic excitation levels on the acoustic properties of perforates

Tamer Zaki (Imperial College London ), 2007-11-15
The many routes to boundary layer turbulence in adverse pressure gradient

Jonathan Freund (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign ), 2007-11-12
A quiet free shear flow

Mats Wallin (Theoretical Physics KTH ), 2007-11-06
Monte Carlo simulation of phase transitions

Philipp Schlatter (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-11-01
LES of the interaction between TS-waves and finite amplitude streaks

Catherine Mavriplis (University of Oklahoma ), 2007-10-25
High Order Adaptive Methods for Fluid Flow

Gabriele Bellani (KTH ), 2007-10-18
PIV study on fiber suspension flow: the formation of a fiber network

Erik Lindborg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-10-04
Vertical eddy diffusion by stratified turbulence

Milos Ilak (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-09-27
Modeling of transitional channel flow using balanced proper orthogonal decomposition

Veronica Eliasson (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-09-21
On focusing of shock waves

John Dear (Imperial College, London ), 2007-09-20
Acceleration of Brittle Failure in Polyolefins and composite structures for wind turbine blades

Laszlo Fuchs (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-09-13
Swirling jet instability and its role in flame holding

Josu Beloki Perurena (KTH Mechanics ), 2007-09-13
Experimental investigation of liquid jet injection into Mach 6 hypersonic flow

Hajime Fujita (College of Science and Technology Nihon University ), 2007-09-06
The Characteristics of the Aeolian Tone Generated from Two-Dimensional Cylinders

Veronica Eliasson (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-09-06
Numerical simulations of converging shock waves

Yvan Maciel (Université Laval, Canada ), 2007-08-23
Near-field dynamics of a turbulent round jet with moderate swirl

Paul Fischer (Argonne National Laboratory ), 2007-06-14
Accurate, Stable, and Scalable Algorithms for Convection-Dominated Flows

Walter Villanueva (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-06-08
Diffuse-interface Simulations of Capillary Phenomena

Steffen Hardt (University of Hannover ), 2007-06-07
Heat and mass transfer in interfacial microflows

Peter Ditlevsen (Nils Bohr Institute, Copenhagen ), 2007-05-29
Theory of Ice-ages and the problem of predicting them

Mats Åbom (Marcus Wallenberg Lab, KTH ), 2007-05-24
Aeroacoustics of flow duct singularities at Low Mach Numbers

Peter Schmid (LadHyX, Ecole Polytechnique, France ), 2007-05-21
Stability of swept Hiemenz flow and variable-density jets

Élisabeth Guazzelli (Polytech Marseille ), 2007-05-10
Sedimentation of small particles

Paul Billant (LadHyX, Ecole Polytechnique, France ), 2007-05-04
Physical mechanism of the zigzag instability of stratified flows

Anders Ynnerman (Linköping University ), 2007-05-03
Dealing with large and complex data in visualization

Axel Kirkegaard (Marcus Wallenberg Lab, KTH ), 2007-04-26
Computational Low Mach Number Internal Aeroacoustics

Alessandro Talamelli (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-04-19
Experimental investigations of coaxial jets and development of a passive technique for mixing control

Shilpa Khatri (Courant Institute, NYU ), 2007-04-12
A Numerical Method for Soluble Surfactants on Moving Interfaces

Clarence Rowley (Princeton ), 2007-03-22
Model reduction for control of fluids, using balanced truncation

Linus Marstorp (KTH Mekanik ), 2007-03-15
Subgrid scale modelling for LES including scalar mixing

Yohji Seki (Tokyo University of Science ), 2007-03-08
Prandtl number Effect on Turbulence Quantities through High Spatial Resolution DNS of Turbulent Heat Transfer in a Channel Flow

Espen Åkervik (Linné Flow Centre, KTH Mechanics ), 2007-03-08
Feedback Control of Spatially Evolving Flows

Josue Sznitman (ETH Zurich ), 2007-03-01
Insight into respiratory fluid dynamics in the pulmonary acinus

Allan Carlsson (KTH Mekanik ), 2007-02-23
Orientation of fibres in suspensions flowing over a solid surface

Walter Villanueva (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-02-08
Phase-field modeling and simulation of multphase microflows

Jeroen Mans (TU Eindhoven ), 2007-02-01
Streak development and breakdown during bypass transition

Axel Brandenburg (Nordita, Stockholm ), 2007-01-25
Turbulence research at Nordita

Kjell Rosquist (Fysikum, Stockholms universitet ), 2007-01-16
Electric antigravity

Filli Nurhussen (KTH, Mekanik ), 2007-01-10
Experimental studies on mouse slow and fast twitch muscles

Seminar record 2006

Jens Fransson (KTH, Mechanics ), 2006-12-21
Roughness- good or evil

Hanno Essén (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-12-12
Magnetic interaction energy in the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalisms and its implications

Daniel Söderberg (KTH Mechanics ), 2006-12-12
From fibres to paper - a journey through a multiphase state space

Anjaneyulu Krothapalli (Florida State University ), 2006-11-30
Free and Confined Pulsed Jets

Pierre Juillard (KTH Mechanics ), 2006-11-23
Modelling of thermo-hydraulic phenomena resulting from quench occurring in superconducting magnet directly cooled by superfluid helium

Anjaneyulu Krothapalli (Florida State University ), 2006-11-16
Supersonic Jet Noise and Its Mitigation Using Microjet Injection

Per-Åge Krogstad (NTNU, Trondheim ), 2006-11-03
Response of a boundary layer to a step change in surface roughness

Ola Lögdberg (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-11-03
Vortex generators and turbulent boundary layer separation control

Ramis Örlü (KTH Mechanics ), 2006-10-26
Experimental study of passive scalar mixing in swirling jet flows

Rick De Lange (TU Eindhoven ), 2006-10-19
Experimental studies of a jet in cross flow

Geert Brethouwer (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-10-12
Stratified turbulence

Paul Neitzel (Georgia Institute of Technology ), 2006-09-21
Permanent Noncoalescence and Nonwetting: Science and Applications

Olle Törnblom (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-09-08
Experimental and computational studies of turbulent separating internal flows

Tomas Bruhn (KTH ), 2006-08-21
Dynamic high-pass filtered subgrid-scale models for LES

Fredrik Lundell (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-06-19
Thermal boundary conductance between carbon nanotubes and surrounding materials by molecular dynamics simulations

Hans Kuerten (Tu Eindhoven, The Netherlands ), 2006-06-16
Numerical simulation of particle-laden channel flow

Astrid Herbst (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-06-16
Numerical studies of turbulent and separated flows

Dominik Obrist (ETH Zürich, Switzerland ), 2006-06-15
Particle Flow in Semicircular Canals

Carl-Ola Danielsson (KTH, FaxénLaboratoriet ), 2006-06-08
Electropermutation Assisted by Ion-Exchange Textile - Removal of Nitrate from Drinking Water

Yuan Lin (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-06-07
Numerical modeling of dielectrophoresis

Katarina Gustavsson (KTH NADA ), 2006-05-23
Numerical Simulation of Rigid Fiber Suspension

Luciano Mariella (Ferrari GS ), 2006-05-19
The role of CFD in the aerodynamic design of a Ferrari Formula 1 car

Allan Carlsson (KTH Mekanik ), 2006-05-18
The wall effect on the orientation of fibres in a shear flow

Fredrik Lundell (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-05-11
Visualization of boiling in small channels by neutron scattering

Gustaf Mårtensson (KTH ), 2006-05-05
Analysis of laminar and turbulent flow in turbomachinery, biotechnology and biomechanical applications

Jerome Hoepffner (KTH mechanics ), 2006-05-05
Stability and control of shear flows subject to stochastic excitations

John Burns (Virginia Tech ), 2006-05-04
Hybrid Sensitivity Methods for Gradient Based Optimization With Applications to Aerodynamic Design Problems

Linus Marstorp (KTH Mekanik ), 2006-04-28
Subgrid-scale modelling for large-eddy simulation including scalar mixing in rotating shear flows

Daniel Ahlman (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-04-28
A study of turbulence and scalar mixing in a wall-jet using direct numerical simulation

Astrid Herbst (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-04-20
LES of plane asymmetric diffuser flow

Giuseppe Bonfigli (ETH Zürich, Switzerland ), 2006-04-12
Secondary instability in crossflow dominated boundary layers

Johan Hoffman (KTH NADA ), 2006-04-06
Adaptive computational methods for turbulent incompresible flow

Andreas Strub (KTH Mechanics ), 2006-03-30
Roughness induced transition in hypersonic boundary layer flows. Thesis performed at VKI, Brussels.

Olof Grundestam (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-03-17
Modelling and simulation of turbulence subject to system rotation

Sharath Girimaji (TAMU ), 2006-03-16
Partially Averaged Navier-Stokes (PANS) Approach for Turbulence Simulations; A RANS to DNS Bridging Method

Luca Facciolo (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-03-10
A study on axially rotating pipe and swirling jet flows

Thomas Hällqvist (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-03-03
Large Eddy Simulation of Impinging Jets with Heat Transfer

Christian Eriksson (Mekanik ), 2006-03-03
Numerisk beräkning av roterande två-fasströmning

Pierre Sagaut (LMM - UPMC/CNRS, Paris ), 2006-03-02
Variational Multiscale Method for compressible flows: some observations

Olof Grundestam (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-03-02
DNS of channel flow with rotation

Tom Mullin (Director Manchester Center for Nonlinear Dynamics ), 2006-02-23
Transition experiments in pipe flow

Davide Medici (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-02-10
Experimental Studies of Wind Turbine Wakes - Power Optimisation and Meandering

Bengt Enflo (KTH, Mekanik ), 2006-01-31
Propagating and standing waves in cubically nonlinear media

Nulifer Ipek (KTH, Mekanik, Faxén Laboratory ), 2006-01-27
Mathematical modelling and experimental studies of the electrolytic pickling of steel

Olof Forsén (Helsinki University of Technology ), 2006-01-27
Evaluation of the electrochemical activity of a permanent anode

Carl Erik Wasberg (FFI, Norway ), 2006-01-26
Application of a spectral element method in turbulence simulation