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The Centre

The Linné FLOW Centre at KTH started in January 2007 and is one of 20 original centers of excellence set up by the Swedish Research Council (VR), as the result of a highly competitive process with international evaluation. The role of the Linné FLOW Centre is to bring together and coordinate the fundamental fluid dynamics research performed by the partners. It will enable a strengthening of key areas as well as spearheading into new developing areas. In particular the long term nature of the funding will enable development of numerical and experimental tools, something very difficult in ordinary more short term projects.



The vision of the Linné FLOW Centre is to be an outstanding environment for fundamental and innovative research in fluid mechanics. Linné FLOW Centre har en vision att vara en excellent miljö för grundläggande och innovativ strömningsmekanikforskning.



The Linné FLOW Centre aims at solving a wide spectrum of problems with rel-evance for industry and society through fundamental research in fluid mechanics. Linné FLOW Centre strävar efter att med världsledande strömningsmekanisk grundforskning lösa ett brett spektrum av problem med relevans för industri och samhälle.