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Front dynamics and kinetic roughening in multiphase flows through anisotropic porous media: application to fuel cells

Tid: To 2019-10-24 kl 10.30

Plats: Faxén, FPL, Teknikringen 8

Medverkande: Dario Maggiolo (Chalmers)

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Abstract. Two-phase flows in porous media exhibit anomalous behaviours at low capillary numbers due to the complex mechanism of interaction between flow spatial configuration and topology of the microstructure. The prediction of such anomalous behaviours is crucial for the improvement of fuel cells technology. The asymmetrical nature of the two-phase flow resistance induced by the anisotropic features of the porous microstructure is investigated. We perform pore-scale direct numerical simulations of two-phase flows in porous media composed of solid particles with different shapes and orientations, using the Lattice-Boltzmann method. The results indicate that the infiltration of a fluid into a homogeneous porous media is regulated by the topological traits of the elementary pore structure, including its anisotropy. We then extend the analysis to heterogeneous anisotropic microstructure in order to investigate the effect of the spatial configuration of the pores on the front dynamics and the kinetic roughening of the two-phase interface.