New Advanced Level courses:
SG3134 Statistical Mechanics for Engineers, 5 credits
2018 Linné FLOW/INTERFACE Autumn School on Rheology

General information:
The courses which will be given within the framework of the FLOW Graduate School can be divided into three different categories.
Block I corresponds to advanced undergraduate or beginning graduate studies, and consists of courses already developed by personnel at MEK, MWL or NA. They are given on a regular basis.
Block II comprises intermediate level graduate courses which may also be taken by interested Master students who meet the prerequisite of 60 ECTS credits in fluid mechanics from Block I or from another University. In this way, we aim at improving the recruitment of students to the FLOW graduate programme. The courses in Block II are developed by senior staff at the Linné FLOW Centre. These courses provide 4 - 5 ECTS credits and will follow the usual KTH scheduling, so typically extending during one teaching period (7 - 8 weeks). Block III will consist of short advanced level courses (e.g. Summer School) with typically one week of lecturing followed by one week for a project assignment. These courses will be given by invited internationally recognized researchers/Professors (two to five per course). The topic will be chosen to fit one or several of the five different priority research areas within FLOW. Two or three of the advanced courses will be given every year and are meant to attract national and international graduate students. For FLOW graduate students, attending two Summer schools (and doing the included projects) constitutes a course (SG3134) of 7.5 ETCS credits.