Temperature Effects on Acoustic Noise Generation in Supersonic Jets.


Stability and interaction of wind turbines wakes.


Experimental study of rotating-disc boundary-layer flow.


Light emission from the heated argon gas in a cylindrical test section of a shock tube.


23.5 millions for high-speed cameras

Prof. Jens Fransson and his colleagues has received a grant for Odqvist laboratory for experimental MUlti-SCaLE mechanics – MUSCLE.

The professor gets his hands dirty

After four decades at KTH, physics professor Henrik Alfredsson goes to Scania to work with engineers in the workshop. The goal of this project is to build a long-term research collaboration on energy-efficient engines.

FLOW Paper published in PRL (April 2014)

Recurrent Bursts via Linear Processes in Turbulent Environments
Phys. Rev. Lett. 112, 144502 (2014)
Geert Brethouwer,Philipp Schlatter,Yohann Duguet,Dan S. Henningson and Arne V. Johansson 

New Wings Minimize Emissions

In the new KTH & Co IMPACT magazine, FLOW research is featured as one of about 20 cases where KTH describes is best research that has a clear societal impact.