Temperature Effects on Acoustic Noise Generation in Supersonic Jets.


Stability and interaction of wind turbines wakes.


Experimental study of rotating-disc boundary-layer flow.


Light emission from the heated argon gas in a cylindrical test section of a shock tube.


Direct numerical simulations of Ekman layer.


   Jet pump with swirl generator.


   Linear instability mode in a toroidal pipe.


Noise propagation from an aircraft engine.


Shervin Bagheri elected as Wallenberg Academy Fellow

Wallenberg Academy Fellows is a carreer programme that provides long-term funding for the most promising young researchers of all disciplines to develop their projects.


Romain Gojon's simulation featured on the front-page of JFM

Romain Gojon's supersonic impinging jet simulation is featured on the front-page of JFM..


Shervin Bagheri recognized by students for his teaching

Shervin Bagheri received the prize of The best teaching effort at the Aeronautical and Vehicle Engineering program at KTH in 2016.