Temperature Effects on Acoustic Noise Generation in Supersonic Jets.


Stability and interaction of wind turbines wakes.


Direct numerical simulations of Ekman layer.


   Jet pump with swirl generator.


Noise propagation from an aircraft engine.


Direct numerical simulations of flow around a wing


Turbulence Suspension of Spheroidal Particles in Channel Flow.


Soap-film flow visualisation.


Assoc. Prof. Mihai Mihaescu Associate Editor of a new ASME journal

Assoc. Prof. Mihai Mihaescu has been elected as Associate Editor for a new ASME Journal: ASME Journal of Engineering and Science in Medical Diagnostics and Therapy.

Jacopo Canton winner of GKN aerospace award in mechanics

FLOW PhD student Jacopo Canton won the "GKN aerospace award in mechanics" at the 25th Svenska Mekanikdagarna in the historical university town of Uppsala.

FLOW research on fuel cells in NyTeknik

The Swedish technical newspaper, NyTeknik, has dedicated an article to the research of Docent Christophe Duwig. The topic is new technologies for harvesting waste heat and pressure in a Fuel Cell based power-train. The academic focus is on complex thermodynamic effects in fluid flows with expansion.