Temperature Effects on Acoustic Noise Generation in Supersonic Jets.


Stability and interaction of wind turbines wakes.


Experimental study of rotating-disc boundary-layer flow.


Light emission from the heated argon gas in a cylindrical test section of a shock tube.


Direct numerical simulations of Ekman layer.


New device could improve biomarker analyses

FLOW researchers have proposed an advance in cell sorting technology that could lead to lower costs, increased accuracy and quicker analysis of biomarkers for such illnesses as cancer and malaria.

Sweden's fastest supercomputer at KTH

KTH and collaborators investing 170 million SEK in a new computer which will be the fastest supercomputer in Sweden.

FLOW researchers test World Cup match ball

Our colleagues have tested the new World Cup match ball. Listen to their conclusions on Swedish Radio P4.

FLOW Paper published in Nature Communications (June 2014)

Hydrodynamic alignment and assembly of nanofibrils resulting in strong cellulose filaments
Nature Communications 5:4018
Karl M. O. Håkansson, Andreas Fall, Fredrik Lundell, Shun Yu, Christina Krywka, Stephan V. Roth, Gonzalo Santoro, Mathias Kvick, Lisa Prahl-Wittberg, Lars Wågberg & L. Daniel Söderberg