Three VR-funded FLOW projects

Swedish Research Council (VR) recently published the list of this year’s awarded grants. This time 251 out of 1183 projects within the Natural and Engineering Sciences has been awarded (approval rate of 21%).

Three projects from department of Mechanics are among the awarded ones:

Title: Of Pipes and Bends - Stability, transition and turbulence in curved pipes
PI: Philipp Schlatter,
Project period: 2018-2021,
Funding: 4150 kSEK

Title: Aerated materials - dynamics of droplets and bubbles in yield-stress fluids
PI: Outi Tammisola
Project period: 2018-2021
Funding: 4150 kSEK

Title: HIRETURN - HIgh Reynolds number TURbuleNce
PI: Henrik Alfredsson, co-applicants Jens Fransson, Ramis Örlü Project period: 2018-2020
Funding: 3003 kSEK