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FLOW Autumn School on “Fluid Dynamics and Physiological Flows”


Researchers and physicians developed diagnostic tools, protocols, as well as mathematical models and simulation tools to explain physiological flows and their interaction with body structures. Experimental and computational fluid dynamics enable us today to enhance understanding of underlying fluid flow characteristics and mechanisms associated with the physiology and pathophysiologies of circulatory and respiratory systems. This area of research has experienced tremendous growth, driven by the advancements in experimental methods, high- performance computing, data-driven methodologies, and by using a multiphysics- based approach.

The FLOW Autumn School is aimed to provide - from the perspective of physical laws governing fluid flows - the latest developments in measuring and predicting circulatory and respiratory flows and flows in medical devices. Aspects concerning transport phenomena in biological systems and medical devices will be discussed in our school with distinguished speakers. At KTH, the research and education within this field of research is associated with FLOW and BioMex centra.

Topics to be covered

The Autumn FLOW School is intended to give an overview of both general and more specific topics relevant to fluid dynamics and physiological flows. The following topics will be covered: hemodynamics and cardiovascular flows, modeling circulatory systems; respiratory flows, airway functional fluid dynamics; voice production; fluid flows in medical devices; tissue engineering and artificial organs; machine learning with applications to biological flows; medical imaging. The schedule is:

  • Tuesday (22/11)
    09.00-09.15: Prof. Mihai Mihaescu & Prof. Lisa Prahl Wittberg, Welcome, organisation of the school, administration.
    09.15-14.45: Prof. Denis Doorly (Imperial College, London, UK), Fundamental fluid dynamics of nose and upper airways.
    15.00-15.45 : Prof. George Karniadakis (Brown University, USA), Machine Learning with application to Biofluids. (Zoom: )
    16.30-17.15: Prof. Elazer Edelman (MIT & Harvard Medical School, USA), Clinical research on cardiovascular flows. (Zoom: )
  • Wednesday (23/11)
    09.00-09.45: Dr. Mikael Broman (ECMO Centre, Karolinska University Hospital), Clinical perspective: Hemodynamics in medical devices and treatment.
    10:00-13.45: Prof. Alessandro Veneziani (Emory University, USA), Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Flows.
    14.00-14.45 : Assoc. Prof. Petter Dyverfeldt (Linköping Univ), 4D MRI.(Zoom: )
    15:00-15.45: Prof. Alessandro Veneziani (Emory University, USA), Hemodynamics and Cardiovascular Flows.
    16.00-16.45: Dr. Jan De Backer (FLUIDDA, USA), Functional Respiratory Modeling.  (Zoom:  )
  • Thursday (24/11)
    09.00-09.45: Dr. Apostolos Bossios (Karolinska University Hospital/KI), Airway inflammation in chronic airway disease.
    10.00-14.45: Assist. Prof. Stefan Schoder (Graz Univ. of Technology, Austria), Aeroacoustics & Vibroacoustics with application to phonation.
    15.00-15.45: Assoc. Prof. Xudong Zheng (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA), Phonation and vocal fold tissue engineering. (Zoom: )
    16.00-16.45: Prof. Luc Mongeau (McGill University, Canada), Hemodynamics and cardiovascular flows. (Zoom: )
  • Friday (25/11)
    09.00-15.00: Prof. Jutta Arens (University of Twente, The Netherlands), Fluid Flows in Medical Devices.

Administrative details

Lectures will be given November 22nd to 25th, 2022 in the seminar room of KTH, Department of Engineering Mechanics (room Faxén, Teknikringen 8) located on the KTH main campus, close to the city centre of Stockholm. FLOW will provide lunches to the registered participants.

Upon request, a project can be performed by pairs of students and sent electronically to the school organisers for the final evaluation, worth 3.5 ECTS points.

Interested PhD students are invited to contact the organizers for additional information.


For registration, please use the link below:

Organisers and contact information

Prof. Lisa Prahl Wittberg <>​​​​​​​, Prof. Mihai Mihaescu <>
KTH, Department of Engineering Mechanics,
Osquars Backe 18
SE-100 44 Stockholm

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