Scientific machine learning for simulation and inverse modelling

KTH, May-June, 2024
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Recent journal publications

M. Lu et al., "Dynamic Buckling of a Filament Impacted by a Falling Droplet," Physical Review Letters, vol. 131, no. 18, 2023.
R. A. Kulkarni et al., "Experimental studies of dynamic compression of cellulose pulp fibers," Sustainable Materials and Technologies, vol. 38, 2023.

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External events

26th International Conference of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, 25-30 August 2024,Daegu, Korea ( link )

IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition, 2-6th September 2024, Nagano, Japan ( link )

1st European Fluid Dynamics Conference (EFDC1), 16-20 September 2024, Aachen, Germany ( link )

Open positions

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