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Scientific machine learning for simulation and inverse modelling

KTH, May-June, 2024
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Recent journal publications

S. Pasch et al., "Measurements in a Turbulent Channel Flow by Means of an LDV Profile Sensor," Flow Turbulence and Combustion, vol. 113, no. 1, pp. 195-213, 2024.
F. F. Nerini et al., "Extending the Sustainable Development Goals to 2050-a road map," Nature, vol. 630, no. 8017, pp. 555-558, 2024.
S. Tanriverdi et al., "Elasto-inertial focusing and particle migration in high aspect ratio microchannels for high-throughput separation," Microsystems and Nanoengineering, vol. 10, no. 1, 2024.
S. Zamani Salimi et al., "A Volume-of-Fluid method for multicomponent droplet evaporation with Robin boundary conditions," Journal of Computational Physics, vol. 514, 2024.

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  • FLOW Seminar

    Monday 2024-10-07, 11:00 - 12:00

    Participating: Stefano Discetti (Univ. Carlos III, Madrid)

    Location: Faxén, Teknikringen 8

    2024-10-07T11:00:00.000+02:00 2024-10-07T12:00:00.000+02:00 TBD (FLOW Seminar) Faxén, Teknikringen 8 (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)TBD (FLOW Seminar)
  • FLOW Seminar

    Tuesday 2024-10-08, 14:00 - 15:00

    Participating: Verónica Bolón Canedo (Universidade da Coruña)

    Location: Faxén, Teknikringen 8

    2024-10-08T14:00:00.000+02:00 2024-10-08T15:00:00.000+02:00 Less is more: Feature selection in data analysis (FLOW Seminar) Faxén, Teknikringen 8 (KTH, Stockholm, Sweden)Less is more: Feature selection in data analysis (FLOW Seminar)

External events

26th International Conference of the Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, August 25-30, 2024,Daegu, Korea ( link )

IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition, September 2-6th, 2024, Nagano, Japan ( link )

1st European Fluid Dynamics Conference (EFDC1), September 16-20, 2024, Aachen, Germany ( link )

8th International Conference on Jets, Wakes and Separated Flows – ICJWSF, September 23-25, 2024, Florence, Italy ( link )

Open positions

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