Simulation data

The following simulation databases are publicly available (for experimental data see the menu item on the left):

  • Turbulent boundary layers up to Re_\theta=4300, DNS and LES ( link)
  • Turbulent boundary layers up to Re_theta=8300, LES (profiles: link time series: link)
  • Turbulent pipe flow, Re_\tau=180, 360, 550, 1000 ( link)
  • Turbulent bent pipes, Re_\tau=180, 360, \kappa=0.01, 0.1 ( link)
  • Neutral curve toroidal pipes ( link)
  • Laminar flow in a curved pipe ( link)
  • Turbulent duct flow at Re_tau=180 and Re_tau=360, various aspect ratios ( link)

Please send any comments to Philipp Schlatter (

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