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FLOW Annual Meeting 2020

Tid: To 2020-01-09 kl 12.00 - Fr 2020-01-10

Plats: Villa Lovik, Lidingö

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January 9

10:45 Bus from KTH main entrance

11:30 Lunch

12:45 Welcome and brief report
Lisa Prahl Wittberg & Philipp Schlatter, Eng. Mech., KTH

13:15 Invited talk:
Laboratory investigations of wind turbine aerodynamics at field conditions
Marcus Hultmark, Princeton Univ., USA

13:45 Technical presentation:
How turbulence, drops and particles interact with rough, porous and slippery surfaces
Seyed Khorasani, Sofia Saoncella, Johan Sundin, Ugis Lacis, Simon Pasche and Shervin Bagheri, Eng. Mech., KTH

14:45 Coffee break + Check in

15:15 Technical presentation:
Overview of MWL activities
Susann Boij, Huina Mao, Stefan Sack and Elias Zea, Eng. Mech., KTH

16:15 Invited talk:
Rolling noise in road and rail transportation systems
Ines Lopez Arteaga, Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, Netherlands

16:45 Break

17:00 Student+Senior activity

17:45 Mingle

19:30 Dinner

January 10

09:00 Linné FLOW Centre Lecture 2020:
Mixing enhancement
Peter Schmid, Imperial College.

10:00 Invited talk:
Estimating large-scale-motions from remote sensors
Stefano Discetti, Universidad Carlos III Madrid

10:30 Coffee break

10:50 Invited talk:
Wake analysis of a vehicle with tapered rear extensions under yaw conditions
Simone Sebben, Chalmers

11:20 Technical presentation:
Missing link in the transition of rotating-cone boundary-layer flows
Kentaro Kato, Eng. Mech., KTH

11:40 Technical presentation:
Coherent structures in turbulence
Marco Atzori, Eng. Mech., KTH

12:00 Closing discussions

12:30 Lunch