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  • FLOW papers among most cited articles
    15 aug 2018

    Several FLOW papers ate among most cited articles since 2013 in Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids and International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow.

  • FLOW paper published in PRL (July 2018)
    3 aug 2018

    The article 'Flexible fiber reveals the two-point statistical properties of turbulence’ by M. E. Rosti, A. A. Banaei, L. Brandt, and A. Mazzino has been published in recent issue of Physical Review Letters (121:044501, Jul 2018). The work was chosen to appear on the cover of the journal.

  • FLOW paper among most cited Physics of Fluids articles 2016/2017
    3 aug 2018

    The paper 'The effect of particle density in turbulent channel flow laden with finite size particles in semi-dilute conditions' by W. Fornari, A. Formenti, F. Picano and L. Brandt is among the most cited articles published in Physics of Fluids


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