Linné FLOW Centre


  • FLOW Paper published in Nature Communications (Apr. 2018)
    24 apr 2018

    The paper ‘Warm summers during the Younger Dryas cold reversal’ by Schenk, Väliranta, Muschitiello, Tarasov, Heikkilä, Björck, Brandefelt, Johansson, Näslund and Wohlfarth has been published in Nature Communications.

  • FLOW student's work on wind energy attract attention
    21 mar 2018

    The research work on wind energy performed by FLOW student Ann Hyvärinen has been highlighted as KTH News.

  • P. Schlatter chair of SNAC for the period 2018-2020
    23 jan 2018

    Philipp Schlatter has been elected as the chair of this committee för the years 2018-2020. SNAC has the task to prepare the calls for applications, prioritize applications and allocate SNIC resources, based on scientific quality, scientific need and technical feasibility of using the requested resources efficiently.


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