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Doctoral Thesis

Daniele Massaro, March 2024
Space-adaptive simulation of transition and turbulence in shear flows
Donnatella Xavier, February 2024
Uncertainty quantification for time varying quantities in turbulent flows
Fermin Mallor, February 2024
Wings, turbulent boundary layers and flow separation
Harrison Nobis, December 2023
Topology optimization of transitional flows
Thales Coelho Leite Fava, October 2023
Stability and transition on wind turbine blades
Krishne Gowda, October 2023
Experimental and numerical investigations of hydrodynamic focusing of colloidal dispersions
Kazem Bazesefidpar, September 2023
Numerical simulation of non-Newtonian fluids flow over surfaces
Valerio Lupi, June 2023
Shapes of pipes
Luca Guastoni, June 2023
Time, space and control: deep-learning applications to turbulent flows
Simon Kern, June 2023
Linear and non-linear dynamics of non-autonomous flows

Francesco Fiusco, May 2023
Computational modelling of blood flow in medical assist devices

Armin Shahmardi, November 2022
Numerical study of interface dynamics and phase change
Ramón Pozuelo, November 2022
Study of adverse-pressure-gradient effects on a flat-plate boundary layer at high Reynolds numbers

Vitor Kleine, October 2022
On stability of vortices and vorticity generated by actuator lines

Roberto Mosca, October 2022
Numerical Investigation of Radial Turbines Subject to Pulsating Flow

Nicolò Scapin, June 2022
Phase-changing flows: numerical methods and fully resolved simulations

Santhosh Babu Mambidala, June 2022
Effects of free-stream turbulence and three-dimensional roughness on boundary layer transition

Johan Sundin, May 2022
Interaction of flows with slender structures and liquid-infused surfaces

Ali Yousefi, March 2022
Transport and mixing by finite-size particles in turbulent flows

Kristina Durovich, February 2022
Direct Numerical Simulation of Boundary Layer Transition with Free-stream Turbulence

Marco Atzori, June 2021
Coherent structures and control in wall-bounded turbulent flows
Luca De Vincentiis, June 2021
Numerical studies of receptivity, stability and transition of wing and turbine blade boundary layers
Miguel Beneitez, June 2021
Nonlinear dynamics in transitional wall-bounded flows
Velibor Zeli, March 2021
​​​​​​​Modelling of stably-stratified, convective and transitional atmospheric boundary layers using the explicit algebraic Reynolds-stress model ​​​​​​​
Wei Na, February 2021
​​​​​​​A Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations Methodology for Aeroacoustic and Thermoacoustic Simulations ​​​​​​​
Guillaume Chauvat, December 2020
Receptivity, Stability and Sensitivity analysis of two- and three-dimensional flows

Alexander Fuchs, August 2020
Assessment of predicting blood flow and atherosclerosis in the aorta and renal arteries ​​​​​​​

Pierluigi Morra, June 2020
​​​​​​​Modelling and control of turbulent and transitional flows ​​​​​​​

Zhouyang Ge, March 2020
On droplet interactions and suspension flow

Matteo Montecchia, December 2019
​​​​​​​Numerical and modelling aspects of large-eddy and hybrid simulations of turbulent flows ​​​​​​​

Dhiya Abdulhussain Alghalibi, December 2019
Numerical study of particle suspensions in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids

Giandomenico Lupo, November 2019
Advances in droplet evaporation
Prabal Singh Negi, November 2019
Stability and transition in pitching wings
Ashwin Vishnu Mohanan, September 2019
Advancements in stratified flows through simulation, experiment and open research software development
Sagar Zade, September 2019
​​​​​​​Experimental studies of large particles in Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids ​​​​​​​
Nicolas Offermans, June 2019
​​​​​​​Aspects of adaptive mesh refinement in the spectral element method ​​​​​​​
Elektra Kluesberg, June 2019
​​​​​​​Wind-turbine wakes - Effects of yaw, shear and turbine interaction ​​​​​​​
Seyed Hamid Tabaeikazerooni, June 2019
​​​​​​​Laminar and turbulent particle laden flows: a numerical and experimental study ​​​​​​​
Arash Alizad Banaei, June 2019
​​​​​​​Simulation of deformable objects transported in fluid flow ​​​​​​​
Marcus Winroth, May 2019
Dynamics of Exhaust Valve Flows and Confined Bluff Body Vortex Shedding
Nitesh Mittal, March 2019
Nanostructured Biopolymeric Materials: Hydrodynamic Assembly, Mechanical Properties and Bio-Functionalities
Lukas Schickhofer, January 2019
​​​​​​​Modelling the Production and Propagation of Sound in Individual Human Vocal Tracts ​​​​​​​
Mehdi Niazi Ardekani, January 2019
Numerical study of transport phenomena in particle suspensions
Shyang Maw Lim, December 2018
Aerothermodynamics and exergy analysis in turbocharger radial turbine
Niclas Berg, November 2018
Blood flow and cell transport in arteries and medical assist devices
Jacopo Canton, June 2018
Of Pipes and Bends
Clio Saglietti, June 2018
​​​​​​​On optimization of natural convection flows ​​​​​​​
Sembian Sundarapandian, June 2018
Strong blast wave interaction with multiphase media
Zeinab Moradi Nour, March 2018
​​​​​​​Numerical study of dynamics of mass-emitting particles in multi-phase flow ​​​​​​​
Walter Fornari, Dec. 2017
Suspensions of finite-size rigid particles in laminar and turbulent flows
Mattias Brynjell-Rahkola, Dec. 2017
Studies on instability and optimal forcing of incompressible flows
Elias Sundström, Dec. 2017
Flow instabilities in centrifugal compressors at low mass flow rate
Marco Ferro, Nov. 2017
Experimental study on turbulent boundary-layer flows with wall transpiration
Timea Kékesi, Sept. 2017
Scenarios of drop deformation and breakup in sprays
Stefan Sack, May 2017
Experimental and Numerical Multi-port Eduction for Duct Acoustics
Julie Vernet, March 2017
Plasma actuators for separation control on bluff bodies
Ellinor Appelquist, Feb. 2017
The rotating-disk boundary-layer flow studied through numerical simulations
Romain Futrzynski, Feb. 2017
Effect of drag reducing plasma actuators using LES
Ramin Imani Jajarmi, December 2016
Acoustic separation and electrostatic sampling of submicron particles suspended in air
Nima Shahriari, December 2016
On stability and receptivity of boundary-layer flows
Ugis Lãcis, December 2016
Models of porous, elastic and rigid materials in moving fluids
Tomas Rosén, October 2016
Angular dynamics of non-spherical particles in linear flows related to production of biobased materials
Nicolò Fabbiane, June 2016
Transition delay in boundary-layer flows via reactive control
Ludvig af Klinteberg, June 2016
Fast and accurate integral equation methods with applications in microfluidics
Alexander Nygård, May 2016
Investigation of jet pulsation effects on near-nozzle mixing and entrainment
Taras Khapko, May 2016
Edge states and transition to turbulence in boundary layers
Yuli Wang, April 2016
Capillarity and wetting of non-Newtonian droplets
Daniel Albernaz, April 2016
Phase change, surface tension and turbulence in real fluids
Renzo Trip, April 2016
Shedding light on the bluff body wake instability
Igor Grigoriev, April 2016
Turbulence modeling of compressible flows with large density variation
Sohrab S. Sattarzadeh, Feb. 2016
Boundary layer streaks as a novel laminar flow control method
Iman Lashgari, December 2015
Stability analysis and inertial regimes in complex flows
Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, December 2015
On stability, transition and turbulence in three-dimensional boundary-layer flows
Azad Noorani, December 2015
Particle-laden Turbulent Wall-bounded Flows in Moderately Complex Geometries
Chenyang Weng, June 2015
Theoretical and numerical studies of sound propagation in low-Mach-number duct flows
Karl Nilsson, June 2015
Numerical computations of wind turbine wakes and wake interaction
Martin Söder, May 2015
Creation and destruction of in-cylinder flows; Large eddy simulations of the intake and the compression strokes
Zeinab Pouransari, Mach 2015
Numerical studies of turbulent flames in wall-jet flows
Shintaro Imayama, January 2015
Studies of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow
Bernhard Semlitsch, December 2014
Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Compressible Jets
Sasan Sarmast, October 2014
Numerical study on instability and interaction of wind turbine wakes
Mathias Kvick, October 2014
Transitional and turbulent fibre suspension flows
Johan Fjällman, October 2014
Large Eddy Simulations of Complex Flows in IC-Engine's Exhaust Manifold and Turbine
Markus Pastuhoff, September 2014
Measuring with pressure sensitive paint in time-varying flows
Karl Håkansson, September 2014
Orientation of elongated, macro and nano-sized particles in macroscopic flows
Athanasia Kalpakli Vester, June 2014 Vortices in turbulent curved pipe flow—rocking, rolling and pulsating motions
Reza Dadfar, June 2014
Flow control and reduced-order modelling of transition in shear flows
Ylva Odemark, May 2014
Wind-turbine wake flows - Effects of boundary layers and periodic disturbances
Lailai Zhu, March 2014
Simulation of individual cells in flow
Peter Lenaers, March 2014
A new high-order method for direct numerical simulations of turbulent wall-bounded flows
Amin Rasam, March 2014
Anisotropy-resolving subgrid-scale modelling using explicit algebraic closures for large eddy simulation
Feng Zhang, February 2014
Instability in Settling Fibres: A Numerical Study
Enrico Deusebio, January 2014
Numerical studies in rotating and stratified turbulence
Stevin van Wyk, December 2013
Blood Flow variations in Large Arteries due to non-Newtonian rheology
Yue Wang, December 2013
Numerical Studies of Flow and Associated Losses in the Exhaust Port of a Diesel Engine
Joy Klinkenberg, November 2013
Transition in Particle-laden Flows
Shahab Shahinfar, May 2013
An experimental study on streamwise streaks in transitional boundary layers
Amer Malik, March 2013
Phase change with stress effects and flow
Alexander Sakowitz, February 2013
Computation and Analysis of EGR Mixing in Internal Combustion Engine Manifolds
Olle Bodin, February 2013
Simulations of compressible flows associated with internal combustion engines
Andreas Holmberg, December 2012
Aeroacoustic Characterization using Multiport Methods
Oana Marin, December 2012
Boundary integral methods for Stokes flow: Quadrature techniques and fast Ewald methods
Fredrik Laurantzon, June 2012
Flow measurements related to gas exchange applications
Malte Kjellander, May 2012
Energy concentration by converging shock waves in gases
Florian von Stillfried, May 2012
Computational fluid-dynamics investigations of vortex generators for flow-separation control
Andreas Carlson, March 2012
Capillarity and dynamic wetting
Johan Malm, December 2011
Spectral-element simulations of turbulent wall-bounded flows including transition and separation
David Tempelmann, December 2011
Receptivity of crossflow-dominated boundary layers
Bengt Fallenius, November 2011
Experimental design and vortex analyses in turbulent wake flows
Qinag Li, October 2011
Direct and Large-eddy Simulations of Turbulent Boundary Layers with Heat Transfer
Outi Tammisola, June 2011
Numerical stability studies of one-phase and immiscible two-phase jets and wakes
Gabriele Bellani, May 2011
Experimental studies of complex flows through image-based techniques
Axel Kierkegaard, May 2011
Frequency Domain Linearized Navier-Stokes Equations Methods for Low Mach Number Internal Aeroacoustics
Antonios Monokrousos, May 2011
Optimisation and control of shear flows
Andreas Vallgren, Nov. 2010
Dynamic properties of two-dimensional and quasi-geostrophic turbulence
Lars-Uve Schrader, Nov. 2010
Receptivity of Boundary-Layer Flows over Flat and Curved Walls
Thomas Kurian, June 2010
An experimental investigation of disturbance growth in boundary layer flows
Tobias Strömgren, March 2010
Model predictions of turbulent gas-particle shear flows
Shervin Bagheri, Feb. 2010
Analysis and control of transitional shear flows using global modes
Ramis Örlü, June 2009
Experimental studies in jet flows and zero pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers
Karl Bolin, May 2009
Wind Turbine Noise and Natural Sounds - Masking, Propagation and Modelling
Allan Carlsson, Mar. 2009
Near wall fibre orientation in flowing suspensions
Stefan Ivanell, Feb. 2009
Numerical computations of wind turbine wakes
Ola Lögdberg, Jan. 2009
Turbulent boundary layer separation and control
Espen Åkervik, Dec. 2008
Global stability and feedback control of boundary layer flows
Linus Marstorp, June 2008
Modelling of subgrid-scale stress and passive scalar flux in large eddy simulations of wall bounded flows
Yuan Lin, June 2008
Modeling of dielectrophoresis in micro and nanosystems
Daniel Ahlman, Dec. 2007
Numerical studies of turbulent wall-jets for mixing and combustion applications
Veronica Eliasson, Sept. 2007
On focusing on shock waves
Walter Villanueva, June 2007
Diffuse-interface simulations of capillary phenomena