Linné FLOW Centre


  • Swedish aeronautics research for reduced climate impact
    13 Jul 2018

    In recent opinion piece published in Dagens Nyherer (DN.) Prof. Henningson and several other researchers (Tomas Grönstedt, Petter Krus, Anders Lundbladh and Sebastian Samuelsson) comment on efficient means for reduction of airtrafic impact on climate.

  • FLOW researcher comments the ball used in soccer World Cup
    18 Jun 2018

    The soccer World Cup has just started and it is an excellent opportunity to spread fluid mechanical knowledge! FLOW researcher Fredrik Lundell comments on the ball used this year and compares it with the balls from previous years.

  • FLOW article published in PRL (June 2018)
    17 Jun 2018

    The article titled 'Inverse Interscale Transport of the Reynolds Shear Stress in Plane Couette Turbulence’ by Takuya Kawata and Henrik Alfredsson has been published in Physical Review Letters.


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