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FLOW article featured in a Focus on Fluids paper

Published May 24, 2021

A recent Focus on Fluids article [1] by J.C. Klewicki (University of Melbourne) highlights the research performed by our colleagues M. Ferro, B.E.G. Fallenius and J.H.M. Fransson [2] on the experimental investigation of turbulent asymptotic suction boundary layers. According to Klewicki, this work provides significant and remarkable contributions by both demonstrating that the idealized flow state of the turbulent asymptotic suction boundary layer (TASBL) is realizable in a laboratory experiment, and by providing a high fidelity documentation of the mean flow and streamwise velocity fluctuation properties in the TASBL flow..

[1] J.C. Klewicki, Laboratory realization of an asymptotic wall flow, ( )
[2] M. Ferro, B.E.G. Fallenius and J.H.M. Fransson, Experimental study on turbulent asymptotic suction boundary layers, ( )

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