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Outi Tammisola became a Docent in Fluid Mechanics

Published Aug 28, 2019

Outi holds currently a position as Associate Professor in Fluid Mechanics at KTH Mechanics.

Outi joined KTH as tenure-track faculty in 2017. Prior to this, she held an Assistant Professor position in Univ. of Nottingham, UK 2014-2017, and a Postdoctoral Research Associate position in Univ. of Cambridge, UK 2011-2014. She obtained a PhD in Fluid Mechanics at KTH (2011), and a M.Sc. in Engineering Physics also at KTH (2006). Her current main research focus is on numerical simulations of complex fluids. She has also worked extensively on instability and adjoint-based sensitivity of Newtonian shear flows, such as wakes, jets, liquid sheets and complex geometry flows.

Outi is involved in several research activities at KTH Mechanics, among others:

  • VR Grant Aerated materials - dynamics of droplets and bubbles in yield-stress fluids.
  • VR Grant Design of micronozzles and control of droplet sizes by a sensitivity analysis of the flow field.
  • EU Marie Curie RISE grant CTFF - Control of Turbulent Friction Force.
  • Linné FLOW postdoctoral grant (Emad Chaparian) about particle settling and migration in yield-stress fluids. 
  • INTERFACE: a multidisciplinary centre for flow and molecular dynamics.