Philipp Schlatter new professor at department of Mechanics

Published Feb 15, 2019

Our colleague Philipp Schlatter has been promoted to Professor in Fluid Mechanics from February 1.

Philipp Schlatter got his MSc in Mechanical Engineering in 2001 and PhD in Fluid Mechanics in 2005, both at ETH in Zürich/Switzerland. He came to KTH first for his Master's thesis in 2000/2001 and then again as a postdoc in 2005, just before the FLOW Centre was started. Since 2014 Philipp is the director of the FLOW Centre.

Philipp's research area is the simulation of transitional and turbulent flows, mainly in boundary layers and more recently on wings. His interests range from aspects of high-performance computing, parallelisation and numerical methods to the physics of turbulent boundary layers at "high" Reynolds numbers. But even simpler systems, such as pipe flows (straight and bent) or even Couette and channel flows have been integral to his research. He also maintains close ties to the Fluid Physics Laboratory where he interacted in a number of experimental campaigns.