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FLOW in awarded SSF project

Publicerad 2017-10-27

A consortium with PI Tino Weinkauf (KTH CSC) and co-applicants Ingrid Hotz (Linköping University), Erwin Laure (KTH), Rodrigo Caballero and Gunilla Svensson (MISU) and FLOW reseracher Philipp Schlatter have been awarded a grant of 26Mkr for 5 years by SSF (Stiftelsen för Strategisk Forskning) as part of their call for "Big data and computational science".

Big data and computational science

The research project is entitled "In-situ big data analysis for flow and climate simulations" and aims at breaking big-data barriers in numerical simulations. During the project, novel feature-based data analysis methods will be developed which can be run alongside the simulations ("in-situ"). The main motivation comes from two aspects; data size and data complexity; which are ubiquitous in both fluid dynamics and climate research. These two research disciplines have in common that they pertain to the same mathematical models, i.e. the Navier-Stokes equation. However, they address different strategically relevant aspects for industry and society