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FLOW paper published in PRL (Jan. 2020)

Publicerad 2020-01-13

The paper 'Critical Point for Bifurcation Cascades and Featureless Turbulence’ by FLOW researchers J. Canton, E. Rinaldi, R. Örlü and P. Schlatter has been published Physical Review Letter.

The authors show that a bifurcation cascade and fully sustained turbulence can share the phase space of a fluid flow system, resulting in the presence of competing stable attractors. Toroidal pipe flow undergoes subcritical transition to turbulence at low pipe curvatures (pipe-totorus diameter ratio) and supercritical transition at high curvatures, as the authors have shown previously in a few papers. Here, They unveil an additional step in the bifurcation cascade and provide evidence that, in a narrow range of intermediate curvatures, its dynamics competes with that of sustained turbulence emerging through subcritical transition mechanisms.

PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 124, 014501 (2020)
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.124.014501