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Jens Fransson new professor at department of Mechanics

Publicerad 2017-10-26

Jens Fransson has been promoted to professor from June 1, 2013.

His background profile is from KTH. Jens started as an undergraduate on the engineering physics program at KTH in 1994 and continued as a doctoral student at the department of mechanics. After having earned is PhD in 2004 he got a research associate position at the same department. In 2007 he became docent in fluid physics and in 2009 he got a permanent lecturer position at KTH Mechanics. 

Jens research is focused on three branches:

  • Boundary layer transition to turbulence
  • Bluff body aerodynamics
  • Wind turbine aerodynamics

In 2010 he received the prestigious ERC-Starting Independent Researcher grant for his project AFRODITE, which is an acronym for Advanced Fluid Research On Drag reduction In Turbulence Experiments.

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