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Lisa Prahl Wittberg appointed as professor

Publicerad 2021-11-08

From Nov. 1, Lisa Prahl Wittberg is a Professor in Fluid mechanics with specialization in Multiphase Flows, Dept. Engineering Mechanics at KTH.

Lisa obtained her PhD in Fluid Mechanics/Multiphase flows from Lund University (LTH) in 2007. She joined KTH 2008 as a post-doctoral researcher and worked at the University of Cincinnati/Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in 2012 as a visiting researcher.

Lisa’s research focuses on complex fluids commonly found in the human body and life support systems. The research is aimed at enhancing the understanding of flow physics to enable better treatment in different clinical applications such as treatment with Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO), dialysis and respirators. Lisa’s research seeks to develop tools and methods to account for the underlying processes. An example of such tools and models is the modelling and early detection of development of thromboembolic events in ECMO. The research is carried out in close collaboration with clinical partners at Karolinska University Hospital. The research is applied as well as fundamental and highly cross-disciplinary, translating new engineering-based knowledge to clinical practice and stimulates engineering-based development of both mathematical frameworks and experimental methods due to clinical needs.

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