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Minh Do-Quang became Docent in Fluid Mechanics

Publicerad 2017-10-26

Minh currently is a researcher at Mechanics department, KTH. He holds a Ph.D. Degree in Fluid Mechanics (2005), a M.Sc. Degree in Scientific Computing (2001) from KTH (Sweden) and a B.Sc. Degree (1995) from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (Vietnam).

His research is focused on Computational Fluid Dynamics modeling of multiphase flow, including phase change, wetting surface and phase interaction problems. Minh is currently involved in several research activities at KTH Mechanics, among others:

• “Large scale numerical simulation of three phase flows with melting and gasification”, VR grant.
• “Energy conversion of mixtures of biofuels and conventional fuels - Liquid fuel atomization, evaporation, mixing and combustion”, VR grant.
• “Supercritical microfluidics”, VR grant.
• “Alloy element redistribution during sintering”, Hero-M grant.
• “Stress effects and materials flow in phase transformations”, Hero-M grant.